My Book of The Year for the Rainbow Awards

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From the site:

Rebound by Lynette Mae: Women’s basketball star Conner Maguire has the world by the tail. She’s at the top of her game, in demand, and life is good. One day the unthinkable happens and her world is ripped apart. That split second event forces Conner to re-evaluate her entire existence. Shawn Tyler, a beautiful warrior with a shattered heart and incomparable spirit may be the key to conquering her fears, if Conner can open her heart enough to see the world from a new perspective. “Life has its own playbook and the rules can change on a dime.”

Jody Klaire: There were so many great books, Nudge from Sandra Moran, Balefire by Barrett and Hoosier Daddy by Ann McMan and Salem West (all fellow Bedazzled Ink ladies) and of course Midnight Moon by Gerri Hill. My pick however has to be Rebound by Lynette Mae. Her book really touched me (and I know nothing much about basketball) but Conner has to be one of the coolest characters I’ve ever met. Everything about the story really spoke to me, as it follows her journey from a WNBA star to starting over as in Wheelchair Basketball. It inspired me, it lifted me and it drove me to go out and get involved myself (in a less painful sport!) It is a book that comes from the soul and one that, in turn, made me fall in love with it. What a story, what a message, what an author!

When Jody started writing novels, she had been composing, arranging and performing music (and lyrics) for fifteen years but becoming an author had never been something she aspired to. However, the moment that she began to compose the story for her first novel, she was hooked. Jody has been many things from Police officer to Singer/songwriter and tries to use her experiences in life to evoke vivid pictures. She aspires for her characters to touch the hearts of the reader. “If the author does their job well, then you get the pleasure of meeting a life-long friend.” Jody lives with a host of furry friends: her golden retriever puppy (lovingly called McFang) and several gerbils. She loves writing, sport, music, art and teaching herself new subjects and she also tends to like cake a fair bit too… The Above and Beyond Series – The Empath – (Book 1) – **Runner up in the Rainbow Awards 2014 & honorable mention.**

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