Smiles for the New Year!


I hope that you all had a lovely festive season and New Year? It’s always a bit strange adjusting to normality after it all, isn’t it? The decorations go away, the chaos of all that excited energy and sometimes tension calms down and for some reason lots of people feel the need to join the gym they’ll never visit or buy random pieces of exercise equipment.

We didn’t get a white Christmas this year but the sky was clear for most of it and when the stars are twinkling and the moon is glowing in that crisp night sky, it’s magical in its own right.
January is a month that some find hard, and so, I hope that any happiness and joy I can spread with the blog will go some way to helping give a smile. As the saying goes, ‘if you see someone without a smile, give them one of yours.’ and that brings to mind something Aeron would like to share with you.
This month, I’m going to give you guys the chance to win a copy of The Empath or Blind Trust (when Blind Trust is released, you’ll get your copy then.) So, what do you have to do?

A smile is worth it.
In simple terms, give us a smile. (don’t worry, no selfies needed)
All you have to do is comment at the bottom of the blog (don’t leave your email though or folks will see it) and share one thing that has made you smile recently. Then, share the blog so others can have a smile at your positive thoughts and perhaps add their own. There’s no need to think big here, just something that made your day brighter whether that’s your dog looking cute in his basket or the fact there was still chocolate left in the fridge this morning. Something that made you feel thankful.
I’ll be picking the winner (or winners) at random. I’ll pick the winner(s) when we hit February and if you watch the blog then, and you win, drop me an email!

And as you might have noticed above, I’m finishing up edits on Blind Trust (Above and Beyond Book II) so the next installment of Aeron’s story will be off into the BInk production bay to be shined up, tweaked, go through inspection ready for flight.
So, with air traffic control clearance, this year should be a busy one! along with Blind Trust, there will also be the romantic comedy La Vie En Bleu out in the summer. I’ll keep you posted on progress!
There’s some exciting folks lined up for Inky Inspiration this year with January seeing a double whammy of two British authors who are ladies that have been a part of my development. Both are quite wonderful people too.

So, while you sit on your exercise bike (I can see you, nice shorts!) and dream of the possiblities a new year can bring. Here’s my smile for you.

His name happens to be Fergus, and, as you can see, he quite often feels the need to… spread out!



Big Smiles,

3 thoughts on “Smiles for the New Year!”

  1. Love the pic of the pup – my son tends to do the same thing across the lounge carpet, so we have to step over his teenage boy stretched legs too!

    My smile…seeing the look on my son’s face when the lie detector kit actually detected a lie! (Nothing major – he said he’d got blue hair!)

  2. I surprised my best friend and sister of my heart with an in person hug on Christmas morning. We live 1000 miles apart and she had no idea I would be in town. Those sloppy, tear filled hugs are so very good for soul.
    Oh, and all these picks of my favorite furry pup make me smile every time. 🙂

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