REVIEW: “The Empath” by Jody Klaire

Exciting 🙂

Frivolous Views

I enjoy opportunities to read offerings from new authors. I admit that I don’t get to do it often. Life keeps me pretty busy. So busy, in fact, that I don’t get to read often at all. Full stop. That saddens me because I love reading so much. Strange. Seems like I had more time to read when I was working. Huh.

Happily, however, I was able to find time to read The Empath by Jody Klaire (Bedazzled Ink). I’m glad I did.

The Empath web

Aeron Lorelei is a young woman with a troubled past and a troubling gift. Blessed and cursed with the ability to sense the feelings, past, and future of those around her, Aeron lived as a misfit child. When she was sixteen, she took the blame for the death of her best friend’s little brother. Eleven years later she’s released from the correctional facility and must…

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