Standing in the Spotlight by Jody Klaire (plus two FREE books)

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Women and Words

It’s a beautiful Sunday morning and I’m headed outside to do some work before it gets too hot. Before that, though, I have a treat for y’all! Author Jody Klaire stopped in to share her journey to becoming a writer.

Oh, and to give away a couple of books! On Friday, June 12, I’ll draw two winner who both get to choose an ebook or paperback copy of Blind Trust or La Vie en Bleu. Yes, so many choices! Leave a comment below to get in on the awesome!

Blind Trust CoverLaVieEnBleu

Standing in the Spotlight
By Jody Klaire 

Silent moments stood gazing out from my unseen position in the wings. The buzz of an expectant crowd. Musicians run through their final checks. The scratchy roll of the snare drum, a bass note. The plectrum is in my back pocket. I check, again, if it hasn’t fallen out. I always use the same…

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