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But occasionally doesn't mind a cuddle
Autumn is a time for cuddles.

Isn’t autumn beautiful? The trees are all starting to change colour, leaves coating the ground beneath as kids go hunting for conkers. Our squirrels are busy collecting their stashes for the winter and digging up neighbours well cared for gardens in the process.

Pup is also quite confused about what these odd furry things are. They keep invading his garden and leaving nuts everywhere! I think he quite admires their ability to climb trees though. He hasn’t tried yet but he’s thinking about it.

In a writing sense, it means I’m back from touring with Pip in the South of France. Aeron and Renee are once again on their adventures. Untrained Eye is the third in the series, it’s also a bit different from the first two instalments in some ways.

I learned a lot from La Vie en Bleu and from book one and two of Aeron’s series. I hope that I show that improvement in Untrained Eye. wpid-screenshot_2015-07-30-21-25-20.jpegWhen writing a series, I noticed how easy it would be to settle into a formula. To keep the stories very similar and the characters the same.

Aeron’s series has always been about her and her journey so the story follows her. That meant taking a breath and going with what moved her and the series on instead of sticking to what I knew.

That, for me, has been very exciting. I think that Untrained Eye is a book that readers will love. I’d planned the series out. I pretty much know where the dots are but it was very different having the courage to go for it.

While you’re waiting for Untrained Eye, I’m going to be chatting to Liz McMullen on her show… and on video-link! She’s set up a whole new discussion group for her show and has been reading through the books this week.

If you love Aeron’s books or La Vie en Bleu, pop on over to http://www.facebook.com/groups/912518018830265/

You can ask questions about the books, the series and writing as Liz and I will be in conference over the weekend! Hurray!


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