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Ferb and Bear
Hey there!

I hope that you had a lovely festive season and new year. The nights are getting lighter, albeit still slightly rain-soaked, but I’ve not just been eating my way through cake. Since I’ve been published and, well, since I started writing, I’ve learned so much. It’s quite strange to look back at my blogs and see what my thoughts were when I first started the website. It’s quite a little journey!

Over the Christmas break, you might have seen me guestblogging over at Women and Words about perception.  It’s always lovely to drop in and say hello there. Earlier in December, I blogged on the Diva Magazine Website  about winning readers’ hearts. I’ve been finishing off Hindsight (Aeron – Book IV) and I’m working on a follow up to La Vie en Bleu called Best Maid Plans. While all this is happening, Bink are moving over to IPG which means that my books will be easier for you to find! Hurray. Bink also tell me that Aeron and her friends decided they wanted to a Christmas vacation but are now back on the Untrained Eye plane and ready to fly. Keep your eyes peeled for that!

Fergus enjoyed his second Christmas with us. He was Sandy Paws Junior making sure all the local pups up in Dogs’ Trust had pressies to open. He investigated the Christmas tree quite perplexed why we had a tree that looked like a tree but didn’t smell like one. Bald pups are weird. He had fun with Cousin Fern with a sleepover and discovered the joy of a good marrow bone… Ferb is quite partial to opening presents and picking up all the wrapping to put in the bin, after he’s shred it. He has a big love for slippers in particular. So, here’s 5 things I’ve learned in his first 15 months.

1. – Puppies/teendogs/big furry babies are a full-time job! 

Because what is love without a chew on the butt?
Because what is love without a chew on the butt?

Wow, they kinda keep you on your toes. Every time we thought, “Okay, we got this,” Ferb would move the goalposts. We’re currently in the “Dude, I don’t need to come back. I don’t care if you have cheese/sausages/Bonio I’m on a walk, I’m free.” *blows puppy raspberry* Em has been surfing the long lead which is quite a skill in such wet weather!

2. – Dogs, whatever age, bark… a lot. 

Uh huh, yup, turns out they like it. Ferb often barks to himself or maybe the birds, I’m not sure. He loved the carols and stayed quiet during them but I think he’s been singing them since. I’m thinking of entering him into the audiobook business, imagine The Empath read by Fergus? My problem is, there’s not enough Bonio. 

3. – Fergus loves cuddles.

I’m sure many of you experienced owners out there are saying ‘duh’ but really. Ferb has learned the term ‘hug,’ so when he wants a big cuddle, he sits on his bottom and lifts up his paws. How cute is that? I’ve learned just how sweet and caring he is. 2015-06-21 15.01.25 (1)

4. – He still loves his teddies. 

Yup, he still has his favourite bear that he sleeps with and brought out to show him his new presents on Christmas day. He has other furry buddies he uses to wrestle, some he flings about but Bear, his first buddy, remains his best bud.

5. – You need a special room for ‘dog walking clothes.’

Whether it’s Mum or Em, it’s been an eye opening experience to see them come back from a walk. This winter has been rather wet so often there’s sniffling, a dog shake, zips and wet weather gear rustling before you see anyone appear. Then there’s the mud, I’m hoping it’s that ex-foliating stuff. Ferb is moulting his own fur carpet and I am now getting quite used to wet dog hugs. He does like to share. There’s nothing quite like a pup and Ferb is awesome!


I hope that gave you a smile and you’re looking forward to Untrained Eye

Big Smiles,
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