The Little Things

I thought I’d lost my wallet today…

It’s one of those gut wrenching things that has you rubbing your hand across your brow trying to figure out where and when you saw it. Things like that bring out your priorities. For some people it may have been any cash they’d had inside or the panic of cancelling cards etc. for me it was something sentimental that I keep inside. It would have been worthless in monetary value but for me it was irreplaceable. The relief of finding it again made me take a tour through the sentimental things I’d kept inside. A person’s wallet, handbag or purse could tell you a little and a lot about them. It’s made me think what kind of things my characters may carry. Trivial things that tell a big story. I liked that. That has a twinkling of an idea don’t you think?

On the note of stories, you may be pleased to know that the bosses at Bink tell me Untrained Eye will be out this week. I’ve finished off Hindsight and it’s getting the steely gaze of the Bink boss and I’m paddling along on Pippa’s next adventure with Rebecca and the Frenchies. You’ll have noticed, if you’ve gone looking for it, that Hindsight is available for pre-order on Amazon. That means you can get it on the day of release so you don’t have to go looking for it… hurray.

I’ll chat about Hindsight in the run up to the release in August but I had to adapt and change and, hopefully, improve to bring to life the story. Again, Aeron challenged me to create something in a new way. Again, she had me wondering what all the little things meant, and again, she pulled it all together and had me sitting there thinking, “cool.”

Writing Aeron’s stories make me do that a lot. You’d think I didn’t plan meticulously the way I talk about her but I am a big plotter/planner. Aeron then either follows or just goes off on her own, characters appear that I hadn’t factored in, (take Renee Black for example) and outside life teaches me new things that seep into the mix somehow.

Each book feels very much that way. A sum of its parts, yes, but also a diary of the blessings I had while writing it, the highs and the lows. It seems like the series tells more than just the stories of Aeron and her friends but also the stories of me, my experiences and touches of people around me. The overarching theme through all of it seems to be a little word called love. I love writing. I love Aeron and her series and it reminds me that there’s a lot of wonderful people who love me and support me so I can share those books with you.

It’s the little things, the things that may not seem like they mean much in monetary terms but to my heart, they’re priceless.

Big Smiles!

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  1. So true Jody. Things are more priceless than ever when they are misplaced or lost. I love organic stories that weave and weft their way into my imagination and characters that are initially peripheral but soon gain their own place in a story.

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