Scribbling and promo


It’s always a fun part of being an author when you get your new books through and you can send out your copies!

Although eBook is fantastic and I love them, there’s something special about slotting that little book onto a shelf. It reminds me that I have actually written books, that they’ve been published, and that I haven’t been daydreaming it!

It’s a funny feeling. That’s the third book in the series but I’m now writing the fifth. To see it there as I type/write away, reminds me of little things, conversations. I find myself reading sections, enjoying the fact Aeron’s adventure is in my hands thanks to the hard work of my publisher and their awesome team.

It gives me a boost of inspiration as I write Noble Heart (not that I need a lot of persuading!) Sometimes, it’s only when I see the book in my hands that I let out a long breath that I’ve done my best, it’s a book I love and I hope the reader does too.

Big smiles!


  One thought on “Scribbling and promo

  1. bookloverbabbles
    June 10, 2016 at 4:47 pm

    Oh, that does sound cool! Congratulations on being a writer 💜

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