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Lots of people have gone on their holidays or are fitting in weekends away during the lazy (or breezy, wet and cold) summer months. Do you get excited when you get in the car, on the train, plane, bus, bicycle… rollerblades? When you know that you’re off on an adventure? You hope that the traffic will be light; the kids, dog, partner, won’t drive you crazy on the way and that you’ll be settling into your wonderful holiday place and able to relax.

2016-01-11-19.54.01.jpg.jpgI wanted to capture that feeling with my books. The sense that when you sit down and turn to the first page, your body and mind settle in ready for an adventure. Hindsight is very much a journey in more than one aspect. My editor is probably about ready to yell “are we there yet?” I’m really excited to share the story with you. If you’ve read the blurb you know that Frei has gone missing, that Aeron and Renee need to find her and that, in true Aeron fashion, it ain’t as simple as it seems.

The characters are each blossoming on their respective paths. In Untrained Eye, we saw what happened when they worked together. We saw Renee having trouble adjusting and in Hindsight you’ll find out why. It shows the making of a hero, the continued development of their personalities, their relationships, their awareness of their own strengths and weaknesses and their bond. The Empath was about fighting the fear and doubt to be yourself; Blind Trust was about trusting in your own abilities and others; Untrained Eye was about working together, and Hindsight is about finding the faith in yourself, the faith that you’re not alone and all things are possible.

Each book so far is a journey in itself. Writing them has taught me a lot. Not just about being an author but also about how to see the good. Scars do colour our perspectives, that’s a fact, but learning to see that others have them too can help to bring out something not often seen in our busy lives: patience.

When I wrote Untrained Eye, I knew many readers would want to poke Renee when, in previous books, it had been Frei. It was only when I started to lower Frei’s barriers that many readers started to get a glimpse of how cool she is. Hindsight, I hope, will show you just how cool both women are. (We know how cool Aeron is already, right?)

We also revisit Oppidum, some familiar faces, meet some new friends, hurtle at “Frei-Speed” down roads, duck bullets, fight mean dudes, rip down fences, climb unclimbable towers, escape in daring helicopter rescues, cry, laugh, grip on and peek through fingers. Hindsight is one road trip you don’t want to miss.


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