Thanksgiving with Aeron

Hey folks, 

Well I been real busy with Renee and Frei ’cause we’re staying in Frei’s place. It’s getting kinda cold here and I don’t much like the cold. Good thing that Frei got her big ol’ fire crackling and she left the speech thing on her computer on (or hunk of junk as Aunt Bess would say.) 

   I been thinking ’bout how blessed I am to know my two buddies. I mean, we’ve been through a whole lot together – if you been following – and I have gone from thinking I didn’t have no one who cared to more people than I can count. It seems kinda long ago that I was back at the cabin, sleeping rough in a tent, and so close to beaten. Yeah, I guess that is as good a word as any.

It was only being there that changed things for me. It was like being so close to beaten gave me the strength to fight back. Renee and Frei were a big part of that, same as Nan and so I’m sitting here on Frei’s big sofa, wiggling my feet against the warm of the fire and listening to Renee and Frei bickering over who gets to dish out. 


That’s Renee. She’s carrying half the food over to the dining table behind me. Guess they compromised. 

“Yes, and I’m saying that you need to wash up and quit playing with the computer, dimwit.” 

I ain’t technically playing with the computer but talking to it from afar. If I was playing with it, it’d knock out the electricity for miles. 

“True,” Renee says, talking about herself in third person. “But the screen is still flickering from here and Urs will not appreciate you frying her hard drive.”

If I knew what one of them was that’d help. 

“Best you don’t know, Lorelei. It costs more than Oppidum.” 

“That’s Urs,” Renee says, once again talking in third person. “She isn’t proud of flashy things at all.”

“Renee, you sound like you should be in Serenity,” Frei says with an icy glare. “Oi, I am not glaring.” 

“No, did your face just get crumpled in the wash?” Renee asks with such wonderful humor. It goes with her looks. 

“And insanity.”

I ain’t saying nothin’ but they look ready to throw the food at each other. Uh oh, Renee just flicked a spoonful of Jell-O salad at Frei. Hit her right in the cheek. Frei is wiping it off and dunking a spoon in the ice cream. Better I step in before I go hungry! 

Happy Thanksgiving! 

Aeron, Renee and Frei 😊

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