Love’s Bridge


I wanted to do something a bit different to celebrate love. I wanted to share my love for writing and my characters. So, I’ve taken you on a journey, from my first characters in a romance, Alina and Frauke, to Aeron, Pippa, Mable, Prince Raph and more. These little snippets of stories from characters you know and those new to you, I hope will show love through different eyes.

(Wherever you may be, you can only buy e-books through your own country’s amazon site. Just search Jody Klaire! )

It was a fun technical challenge to write all the different voices and juggle them. Each character has their own way of telling a story so I hope you enjoy catching up with old friends and meeting some new ones.

The cover is of a heart I made of willow and, to me, shows how beautiful love is because it is a mass of stories fused together, an imperfect masterpiece, and one I hope that you enjoy.

Big Smiles, and may your day be filled with love of every kind.


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