I’ve been a bit under the weather at the moment so writing is on a go slow… but I was talking to a lovely reader recently and she wondered if I’d ever drawn Aeron’s face. My answer was that I’d tried but Aeron doesn’t really like to be drawn and tends to go wrong.  I keep trying and I know that there’s a few people who might like to see Renee and Aeron on the page visually.

So, what better time to play around with producing Aeron than while I can’t do a whole lot else? Even though I describe her throughout the books, Aeron creates more of a spirit-picture of herself. You know she’s strong, she’s tall, she’s got hair the colour of the redwood trees. She looks like her mom apart from her jaw and her ears which come from her dad. Her right ear kinks over. She has Native American roots from her grandfather and both she and her mom carry forward that ethnicity. She looks a whole lot like her Aunt Bess and she sticks her tongue out when she’s concentrating. She has brown eyes which shine with her soul and a smile that lets through how kind she is.

I know what she looks like in my mind’s eye and I know what she sounds like, I see how she moves. Aeron is the kind of woman who is hard to pull off on the page because it’s never quite close enough to the Little Missourian in my head… But, as I know some of you would like to meet her face to face seeming as you know her so well in heart, I thought I’d try again. So… here she is… sort of… you can’t see how tall she is… but she seems to be finding this whole thing about knowing what she looks like quite funny.

“I ain’t sure why anybody would want my picture but I guess it helps if you didn’t already remember me from the fact I’m kinda Samson-like. Renee says she gives it to people so they can avoid static shocks. Short folks kinda think they’re funny sometimes. I still ain’t sure why they took mugshots in boot camp. Frankenfrei an’ her funny ideas…”

As you can see, Aeron is delighted there is some kind of resemblance of her for you to smile at. Hopefully it brings you some seasonal cheer and you get the urge to go back and re-read the series all over again… I will do my best to come up with concept art of Aeron and Renee for you too. I’ll also do my best to get Pulling The Rug ready for Christmas but, as I’m battling medical things at the moment, I might have to be fashionably late…

Big Smiles,



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