So, I’ve been quiet and it’s been a really difficult period health wise. *sighs* To sum up the short version, I did lose my sight and the RNIB and the ophthalmologists (and staff who work with them) have been really kind, very patient and it helped to have warmth and kindness when I’ve been struggling.

We’re not sure if I’ll get my vision back because they’re not actually sure why it’s gone which has meant a lot of tests, a lot of stinging eye drops (ow, and ow…) and enough visits to the eye clinic that the doctors smile and wave.

That hasn’t been easy on my head in both ways but I’m doing my very best to find ways to fix myself up. I’ve learned that you can knit blind, sew blind (my finger and thumb might argue with that,) I’ve put braille on my keyboard and am writing blind too. Assistive technology (i.e. Em… lol) has been really helpful and writing, as always, is a friend who comes to the rescue when I need to find a smile.

I rewrote Full Circle blind which turned into a whopping book but that is with the editor and I really feel it’s made me dig deep, challenged my abilities as a writer, my remaining sanity, and it’s a book that truly has blood (sewing needle assisted,) sweat and tears ploughed into it. I love Aeron and her friends and she has been a true friend once again.

At some point, when I get the edits and it’s all spruced up, you’ll also see Hayefield Manor which has kept me company when I’ve been struggling. I can’t say how much I enjoy the story and the characters and how much I’m looking forward to you getting to meet the characters.

Em let me know that Noble Heart had an honourable mention from the Rainbow Awards and so I want to say thank you to (Elisa) for putting so much work into the awards and raising so much for great causes but also to Casey and Claudia who have always let me have the freedom to tell Aeron’s story, who are the first to remind me that they love what I do, and that even though I must be a nightmare to place in the book market, they believe that loads of people should love and meet Aeron.

I also want to say thank you to every reader who takes the chance on my work, who goes and discovers each story I have out there and those on my sight, and the incredibly kind ones who let me and everyone else know that they really love what I do. I can’t explain how much kind words can lift me because writing isn’t easy, writing stories that are different about people who are different isn’t easy, and doing it with eyesight worse than a ninja mole, a sore thumb and a fluffy golden retriever on your lap takes a lot of medication…

So, I’m quiet but hopefully I will be more productive and feel better soon. I’m also hoping that you will enjoy Hayefield Manor and I’ll keep you updated when it’ll be out and when Full Circle will be out too.  

Em is gallantly stepping in to help give you more updates and Ferb will be showing off his furry handsomeness for you snuggling Pooh.

Big Smiles,


4 thoughts on “Hi”

  1. You’re truly an amazing and inspirational woman 🤗
    I hope they get to the cause of your eye sight loss and are able to sort it.

    There’s alot of love for you and Team Aeron and on the darker days where cushions are being sacrificed to the “everything is shit God”, hopefully knowing that, helps. ❤💪

  2. Hi Jody. I confess to being concerned that we haven’t heard from you in a while. So darned sorry to hear about your latest health scare. What a shock for you and Em.I can only send you love and big hugs from us both, in hope for improvement. You are such a positive sweet soul, Jody, I’m confident you will find your way with love and support from those who love and admire you. Be strong sweetheart. I’ll send a bucket of positive thoughts to you each day. Mel n Suz xxxx

  3. Hi Jody. You’ll always be an amazing woman. No matter what gets thrown at you, you manage to keep going. Keep writing! You are well loved.

  4. Hi Jody

    I am so sorry to hear about your health issues, but not surprised that you are facing and overcoming the many challenges with your positive mindset, you are truly remarkable. You bring so much joy to others with your books and I eagerly await the next one in the Above and Beyond series.

    Sending positive vibes and virtual hugs 🤗

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