Renee and Frei A New Assignment Act 2, Scene 3

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We had a furry friend who needed some assistance this week. Prickles Junior (PJ) is a baby hedgehog who was out in the daytime and Ferb told us he was stopping by for some help.

So, we gave him some food and water, kept him warm and he’s headed off to a hedgehog rescue centre who’ll take care of him train him how to hibernate and then release him back in our area when he’s ready! Yay!

It shows how gentle Ferb is because PJ didn’t so much as curl up when Ferb found him, sniffed him then went and got Em to show her.

I hope you enjoy this week’s episode of Renee and Frei and, as always, please excuse the typos.

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Renee and Frei

A New Assignment

Act 2, Scene 3

Renee sighed as she scoped out the police station where her POI for extraction was located. She and Stosur had tried to get to the POI using FBI identities but the police station staff had stopped them and said that only certain FBI officers were allowed to collect the POI as Agent Derek Lavelle had stated.

“I don’t really like breaking into a police station, Urs,” Renee mumbled but she pulled down her CIG ops mask anyway.

“We are using darts which Susan has certified as being safe for them,” Frei pulled down her mask and ran through her equipment checks. “But my mother has ensured their vehicles will be disabled until we have a clear route.”

“I don’t want to think about you tampering with their vehicles either.” Renee double checked her dart gun was loaded and her secondary dart pistol had the scope attached and her safety pistol was strapped to her ankle securely.

“It’s temporary, the devices will deactivate when we’re clear.” Frei glanced her way. “It’s an extraction, Black.”

Renee checked her mask was in place again.

“Abby has asked you to help with the POI and she is higher up in the police,” Frei said with an amused yet smug tone. “And I’m your superior officer telling you to extract a POI and I’m even higher up.”

“I know, it’s just the officer I spoke to wasn’t old enough have graduated high school.” Renee fell in behind Frei as she snuck along a highwall at the back of the station. “I know what I felt like when I was an officer first of all and you get blamed for people stealing from under your nose.”

Frei paused and held up one hand. “Black, you were a military officer, the young police officer isn’t expected to complete assault courses.”

“I hear they do fitness tests though,” Renee nodded to Stosur as she appeared from over the top of the fence and threw a rappel down. “Her uniform smelled brand new.”

Frei ignored the rope and climbed the bare wall without effort then swiveled on top to peer down at her. “You are not meant to smell the officers, Black.”

Renee pursed her lips even if Frei couldn’t see them and grabbed the rope. She was military trained, yes, but she didn’t know how they trained locksmiths but she swore they had sticky pads on their feet.

“Black, you are slow.” Frei grabbed her hand and yanked her up as she neared the top. “You need more training.”

“Whatever, Urs. I slept on my arm funny, okay?” Renee shook off her arm then shrugged. “I’m older than I was when I passed the assault course.”

“You’re whining,” Frei muttered then jumped down next to Stosur who was scanning the yard.

“I’m whining. I’m allowed to whine. I had to put up with Abby looking at me like I was cheating on her.” Renee pulled the rappel from one side and used it to lower herself down next to Frei and Stosur. “And, I talk to Aeron about stuff like this usually.” She glanced at the three temporary office buildings that had been erected in the yard. “She’s amazing at helping me process how I feel.”

Frei pointed to the left and Stosur scurried along toward the building situated there. “I don’t hear you discussing your feelings when you’re trying to extract a POI.”

“Because I’m focused.” Renee ignored Frei’s hand gesture and went to the building on the right. “I’m not focused because I don’t want to dart the young officer.”

“Then don’t.” Frei beeped something.

“I will need to identify the young officer we aren’t darting,” Stosur said like she was getting bored with the conversation. “On three.”

“Three,” Frei shot.

Renee slammed open the door. Five officers looked up from their paperwork. Zip. Zip. Zip. Zip. Zip. “Clear.”

“Clear,” Stosur chimed.

“Clear,” Frei added.

Renee headed out across the yard behind Frei and Stosur then reloaded her darts as Frei unlocked the door.

“Description of your officer,” Stosur said in a maternal tone.

“Slight, young, cropped hair.” Renee shrugged as Frei look up at her. “They had a hat on but the lower part of their hair was mousey brown.”

“Noted.” Stosur hurried in through the doorway.

Frei followed behind and waved Renee to the right. She ducked down the corridor and went into each room. No officers were present in the break room or the equipment storage.

“Clear.” Renee scurried to a room which led to the interview rooms. Three officers were discussing the movement of someone in the holding cells. Zip. Zip. Zip.

“Clear,” Frei said with a grunt. “Front desk was busy.”

“Clear.” Stosur said with an equally impatient tone. “I do not think much of the hygiene in their bathrooms.”

Renee smiled. “Placing your locking device on the door to the upstairs offices.”

“I found your young officer,” Frei said in a curious tone. “I would like you to confirm because I’m not sniffing their uniform.”

“No, you only sniff them if they have medical skills,” Renee shot, turned and sprinted through the station to Frei. The young officer was tying up another officer and placing the key to the cuffs in their pocket.

Renee glanced at Frei and Stosur who shrugged.

“I guess you’re our POI,” Renee said then cocked her head as the young officer jumped and pulled a gun. “Unless you’re planning on abducting them and taking them to Lavelle to deal with?”

The officer pulled off her hat, gun wobbling. “You’re not working for Lavelle.”

“No,” Renee said feeling a Lorelei-like gentleness fill her. “We’re the military. We’re investigating Lavelle and need to get you to a safe location to give us your testimony.”

Frei holstered her pistol, Stosur followed, and Renee did the same.

“I don’t want to dart you.” Renee nodded and motioned to the doorway. “It’s easier when I don’t have to carry you.”

The young officer holstered their gun then backed up.

Renee pulled her pistol. Zip. The officer tied up slumped and his pistol dropped to the floor.

“We have reason to believe Lavelle is involved in the slave trade?” Renee sighed then looked to Frei and Stosur.

Frei pulled off her mask. “Locks at your service.”

The girl smiled and hurried over to them. “I heard a lot about you from the girls in Caprock.”

Renee followed Frei, Stosur and the POI out of the station and smiled. The girl had her arm in a cast… guess that explained the aching in her own arm. She shook her head and smiled as she felt a breeze buffet her.

“Freaky, that’s what Loreleis are, freaky.” She smiled as Nan chuckled and then climbed up the rappel. One POI extracted.  

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