Renee & Frei ‘A New Assignment’ Christmas Special

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Here is this week’s episode of Renee & Frei… which is a Christmas Special! Yay! I hope you enjoy and that you have a very happy, very healthy Christmas.

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Renee & Frei

‘A New Assignment’

Christmas Special

Renee tucked her hair behind her ears and smiled as she caught a whiff of Aunt Bess’ cooking. It reminded her of the Lorelei family sitting around Frei’s table chatting to Stosur, Jessie and Huber. They’d freed the Eis family and, although Renee was flying Aeron to Colorado… and Aeron could barely manage to speak to her… Aeron had asked to visit Frei’s place outside Baltimore.

“I don’t mind stopping there but Urs is at the Eis estate,” Renee said trying to get some kind of eye contact out of Aeron.

“I just need to rest,” Aeron mumbled and stared at the controls in front of her. “Bugs ain’t good for my bladder.”

Renee chuckled and lowered the chopper into Frei’s large plot of land. “Drinking so much of Urs’ coffee isn’t good for mine either.”

Aeron looked up as they landed and smiled at the converted building. “Huh, I kinda thought you were flying us away from Frei’s house.”

“It’s a chopper. You can’t fly as far without refuelling.” Renee switched off the engine, ran through her checks and smiled over at Aeron who was fiddling with her hair. “I need to feed you too.”

Aeron’s stomach gurgled in response.

Renee smiled but Aeron was focused on the house so she sighed and got out then headed over to Frei’s door.

“You sitting in there to keep warm or are you going to help with my checks?” Renee turned and leaned against the wall. “Or are you going to explain why you kissed me?”

Aeron clambered out with a shrug and kept her eyes on the floor. “Food.”

Renee rolled her eyes and went to open the door then stopped. “You know, I might go run my checks seeming as you’re not really talking to me.”

“I am talking to you,” Aeron mumbled staring at her feet.

“I hope so because it’s Christmas and I could do with you being… well… When I lost my dad and Matt, Christmas was hard… I just need you to… I need your heart to be warmer.” Renee blew out a breath not sure why she was emotional. “I find it hard and Dad used to get us presents and even Mom managed to smile.”

Aeron met her eyes, gentle, warm, affectionate. “You like presents, huh?”

Renee frowned up at her. “Yes but, Lorelei, I’m trying to explain that I want you to enjoy eating pie and I want Urs around and I want to share turkey with your mom and get presents from you.”

Aeron dipped her gaze. “Er… I… I ain’t real good with folks around dinner… an’ I kinda don’t have money to buy stuff.” She rubbed the back of her neck. “But I could try making you a sandwich?”

Renee rubbed her arms wanting to hug Aeron but she was sure Aeron would run and hide in the chopper with the way her cheeks were blushing.

“I meant that I like being around you.” Renee rolled her eyes to herself then sighed. She couldn’t explain to Aeron how she felt even though the dimwit had kissed her. She couldn’t because she needed Aeron to kiss her and tell her she loved her.

Aeron smiled down at her shoes and her cheeks flushed some more. “Um… thanks.”

“Thanks?” Renee put her hands on her hips.

“We should eat.” Aeron nodded and then waved at the door but her eyes were full and twinkling.

“You told me you want me to share feelings with you.” She poked Aeron in her large bicep. “You’re supposed to be happy not thinking about your stomach.”

“I’m kinda thinking ‘bout my bladder too.” Aeron shrugged then smirked at her shoes.

Renee poked her again. “Quit being a chump.” She scowled up at her. “I’m saying that I want to decorate trees and eat junk food with you and Urs.”

“I got that you do. Nan had a tree she kept in a pot cause it weren’t growin’ much without help. We brought it in instead and decorated it.” Aeron studied her hands then her shoes then the door.

Renee grabbed her by the chin and forced her to look into her eyes. “I think that’s a great idea. I would like you to do that with me and eat junk food.”

Aeron’s gaze dropped to her lips and she cleared her throat. “Can we eat pie?”

Renee leaned up so the tips of their noses touched. “Yes.” She held Aeron’s chin still. “I want a cwtch.”

Aeron grabbed her and hugged her and squeezed her then shoved her back and thumbed at the door. “We should head inside and get the place warmed up.”

Renee yanked her back. “Uh huh.”

Aeron shuddered out a breath then held her gaze until hers shimmered and twinkled. “Uh huh.”

Renee leaned up and slipped her arms over Aeron’s shoulders. “I’m not an investigator, Lorelei.”

“Nope.” Aeron swallowed and her breathing hitched.

“Urs took her chopper with her to the Eis estate,” Renee said and brushed her nose to Aeron’s.

“Yup.” Aeron gripped onto her own hips, eyelashes fluttering.

“And Lorelei cooking has a very special warmth to it,” Renee stroked her finger over Aeron’s hot cheek. “And you were talking to Aunt Bess awhile.”

“Guess.” Aeron shrugged.

“Jessie and your sisters aren’t very quiet.” Renee smiled, feeling it thud through her heart. “You even brought the tree in a pot didn’t you?”

“Mom brought it,” Aeron whispered eyelashes fluttering and breathing hitching. “I… thought it would kinda make you smile. I want you to eat junk food with Frei and have pie.”

Renee held onto the doorhandle then stopped looked up at Aeron, kissed her on the cheek and lingered. “Uh huh.”

Aeron shuddered out another breath. “You’re mad?”

“Nope.” Renee kissed her other cheek and lingered.

“We should help Jessie with… er… the lights… she could need help… she’s short like you.” Aeron smirked but she leaned her cheek to Renee’s lips.

“Five seven isn’t short, Lorelei,” Renee mumbled and kissed her on the chin and lingered.

“For short folks.” Aeron gripped her by the shoulders, planted a kiss on her forehead then pulled open the door.

Frei, Stosur, Huber, the kids from Caprock, Jessie, Lilia, Eli, Aunt Bess, Grimes, Aeron’s sisters, Nan and one Christmas tree in a very large pot.

Renee grabbed Aeron by the hand as her heart thudded and her eyes filled with joyful tears. “I don’t remember telling you about what I wanted for Christmas.”

Aeron exchanged a glance with Frei then smiled down at Renee. “You didn’t have to, your heart did.”

“Huh?” Renee looked at Frei as Aeron hurried over to her family and cwtched them.

“She kissed you, Black.” Frei winked at her then pulled her into a hug. “You can tie the bows, you can do that fancy bit that makes them pretty.”

“Thank you.” Renee grinned then collared Aeron and Frei and hugged them both. “Merry Christmas, dimwits.”

Renee smiled to herself then strolled into the kitchen to see Aunt Bess humming as she baked.

“You smiling like Shorty just cwtched you, Blondie,” Bess said peering over her shoulder.

“She did.” Renee walked over and hugged Bess. “My heart… she cwtched my heart… with your cooking.”

Bess chuckled and hugged her back. “Pie will do that to a girl.” She smiled down at her. “As will love.”

“Yup.” Renee smiled, stole a slice of chocolate from the side and took up a chair next to Frei who was munching. Love and Aeron had definitely cwtched her heart and filled it with Christmas cheer. Not bad for a dimwit who was too shy to tell her she loved her. 

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