Renee & Frei A New Assignment Act 2 Scene 7

Hi There,

Here is this weeks episode of Renee & Frei with an extra special hello from a certain Lorelei…

Big smiles    


Act 2 Scene 7

Serenity Hills was the same as I remembered it. The check in room was run by guards who weren’t all that bothered that some of the folks were talking to the benches and the I took up most of my bench so the lady sitting next to me kinda had to perch which was hard ‘cause she had a big butt to perch.

I weren’t too cold with the fact the lady on my other side also had a big butt to perch so we were cwtching. Didn’t help much that the lady on my right, perching, had the twitches and we were cuffed together so I was twitching with her and the lady on my left side then twitched to. We were twitch-cwtching as Nora would say.

The guards are kinda busy trying to figure out why their screens are buzzing when I get close so when I try to get checked in, they send me back to sit down while they figure out why the scanner is buzzing.

I can feel Nan kinda breezing around me ‘cause she ain’t impressed my pant leg is half way up my leg and when the twitchy lady twitches, the cuffs pull and my pant leg gets higher. The other leg is yanking downward so I look all kinds of crazy which makes me chuckle. Good thing I’m already Serenity upstairs, huh?

Anyhow, I keep thinking of Renee and Frei bickering ‘bout dinner and Renee’s smile when Frei and I gave her a Christmas cwtch. Makes me smile inside and out… between twitching and chuckling. Yup, I fit in just fine.

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