Renee and Frei ‘A New Assignment’ Act 2 Scene 8

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Renee and Frei ‘A New Assignment’ Act 2 Scene 8

Renee chomped on her breakfast roll and smiled as Frei and Susan tried to have a conversation outside over the hedge. For some reason Susan was wearing a plastic apron and a hair net and Frei was trying not to laugh at her explaining something to the hedge. Renee sighed and leaned against the window sill. Frei was always so much more softer around Susan. Although Aeron probably had softened her a lot too. Frei was getting used to being a mom with Jessie and reminding her to take breaks between working but Susan was less capable of taking breaks so getting her out into the garden for some fresh air needed Frei to carry her out while Susan wriggled around.

“She’s kinda enjoying wearing the hair net I gave her to make breakfast,” Aunt Bess said with a chuckle and leaned against the doorjamb. “I guess she wanted to show Icy her cooking skills but I didn’t expect her to put gloves on and swab the counter with antiseptic.”

Renee smiled. “She is a good doctor and… well… eccentric.” She smiled at Frei trying to get Susan to use a hedge sheers. “But I don’t think gardening is her skillset.”

“Nope.” Aunt Bess cocked her head much like Aeron did. “Taking the Hedge’s temperature is not going to work though ‘cause it don’t have a tongue or armpits to stick the thermometer under.”

Renee nodded. “And it doesn’t have tonsils… although Urs seems to think it does because she’s sniggering.”

“Icy sniggers a lot around her.” Bess winked and fussed with her frilly sleeves on her blouse. “Grimes sniggers but it’s high pitched and he snorts.” Bess rolled her eyes. “He’s dumb but useful for when I need to feed the kittens or clean the house.”

Renee smirked. “Uh huh.”

“Don’t give me that tone, Blondie. I ain’t gazing at him like you do to Shorty.” Bess battered her eyelids. “Kinda like Shorty does when you have pie in your hand ready for her to chomp.”

Renee chomped her roll and folded her arms “Lorelei’s and their stomachs.”

Frei took the blood pressure monitor off Susan before she attached it to the hedge and dragged Susan into the house while laughing.

“Considering she’s supposed to like Theo too, she seems pretty smitten.” Aunt Bess shook her head. “Young folks and their thinking about their hearts.”

“Then you must be young too because Grimes has called you twice since breakfast and you’ve chuckled more than Urs.” Renee winked and turned back to the window. “I guess love makes everyone young.”

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