Renee and Frei ‘A New Assignment’ Act 3 Scene 1

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Renee and Frei ‘A New Assignment’ Act 3 Scene 1

Frei steadied her temper and marched across the frosty lawn toward Gem who had a smug smile on his face.

“You look as expressionate as always, Locks.” Gem picked up his putting club and strolled toward his golf ball.

“I see your ability to aim is as poor as always,” Frei said and walked to the ball then kicked it before it rolled to a stop.

“Locks, you might be free but you have the manners of a slave still.” He smirked at her.

Frei strode up to meet his nose. “You dragged my daughter into slavery.”

He flinched but then she was taller than him. “That is my job, Locks. It wasn’t personal.”

Frei held his gaze. “I think it is.” She took his club from him and threw it. “And she was not a slave so, as Hartman told Sven, you stole her freedom and she is a more… exclusive owner.”

Gem stepped back. “I don’t have an argument with Hartman or your family.”

Frei stepped toward him. “But we have an argument with you.” She brushed some fluff off his shoulder. “I want your assistance.”

Gem raised his eyebrows. “Assist you.” He laughed. “What do you need my help for?”

Frei pulled back her jacket and put her hands on her hips. “I intend to take on Lavelle and, as you want his property, I want you to get him into a vulnerable position.”

Gem laughed. “Why bother? He is below your level.”

“Bite’s daughter’s are worth more than his level.” Frei turned to the club on the lawn. “He knows Owens is closing in on him and she is an annoyance to me.”

Gem’s eyes flickered like he was trying not to smile. “The ex-FBI agent?”

“Yes. I want pictures to make sure his friends in his work keep out of my business.” She turned back to staring at Gem. “I think she is investigating him and I don’t want to have Bite’s girls helping expose our business.”

Gem nodded. Owners were always in agreement about removing prying eyes. “And you will excuse my insult.”

Frei shook her head. “But I will be in a better mood to discuss how you can repay it.”

Gem flinched then sighed. “I liked you better when you just stole off me.”

Frei smiled as she turned away. “Noted.” She strode off toward her car then pulled his keys from her pocket. She got into the car and called Renee “I have the keys to Gem’s office. It will make him think I’m after his documents.”

Renee mumbled about Susan cheering downstairs. “Why will he think you needed keys?” She sighed. “Susan is delighted that she can dip her chips in ketchup.”

Frei smiled. “Chips to Susan are like pie to Aeron.”

She tapped the keys as she drove away. “I’ve replaced his keys with dummy keys so he will assume that Lavelle has taken them… He is meeting him for lunch and no locksmith needs keys so he will suspect him.”

Renee shuffled around in the background. “How does that help us?”

“Because we’ll take pictures of him moving his documents and place them on Lavelle’s computer so when Gem helps us he will spot the pictures on his computer.”

“Gem is helping us?” Renee sighed and shifted again. “Why?”

“Because I want pictures of Lavelle and Gem together with our own version of Owens.”

“Your mom?” Renee hummed like she thought it was a good idea.

“Yes, I want Alanna to see them try and attack her.” Frei sped up as she hit the wide road. “It will get both sister’s to remember why Lavelle isn’t a friend.”

Renee hummed agreement again. “Guess it’s a good idea to have Susan and her chips ready to provide headache medication because Huber will not be pleased with people shooting at your mom.”

Frei chuckled. “I’ll get Jessie to make him have another suit fitting.”

Renee laughed. “Then maybe we need to send Susan to his place because he had more stitches in him than on his suit.”

Frei slid on her glasses and cut the call. Gem was going to help her to make sure he found himself behind bars. Jessie preferred to put owners behind bars. Frei smiled then chuckled. Jessie also preferred ketchup with her chips. Guess Susan had bonded with her.

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