Boot Camp Act 4 Scene 3

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Here is this week’s scene from Boot Camp and Aeron is battling to get her classmates to listen…
Update on Full Circle.
I’m waiting on my new computer (which will take a week or so) and then I will start work on bringing you Full Circle… and making sure the series is up and available to buy with some shiny new additions.

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Act 4 Scene 3
I weren’t much of an elite agent.
Me, Hankings, and the two classmates had been lumbering through the snow for hours. My paws were so cold that I couldn’t move my fingers much and my feet weren’t a whole lot better. Still, Frankfrei had told me to keep heading north and so I was following the cracks in the ice.
“We’re going the wrong way,” Hankings snapped and glared at me.
“I’m sure that’s north. The compass says north.” My female classmate looked at her compass, confusion in her eyes.
“Mine says north is this way,” my other classmate said. “They can’t both be right.”
“It’s that way,” I said, pointing to the left. That’s the way we needed to go.
The three of them looked at me. Yeah, they didn’t rate me all that much and I weren’t looking all that convincing seeming as we were only getting colder.
“Frankenfrei said that the ice cracks are all from north to south,” I said, trying to sound confident. I felt like a dumb kid not somebody Renee or anybody could rely on. “She said that the weather comes in from the north, so if you get stuck you head in that direction.”
“I don’t remember her saying any of that,” the guy snapped. “Maybe you just dreamt it, Lorelei.”
“Yeah, or imagined it when you ran the assault course… again.” Hankings muttered with a smug grin like he was winning some competition. “I say we use that one,” he said, motioning to the other guy’s compass. “It’s not fluctuating as much.”
“You’ll be going the wrong way.” I frowned at them. “You’ll get caught in a drift or whatever the bit where you had to spread out was.”
“We don’t need you,” the female said to me in a cutting tone. “I don’t know why we believed you anyway.” She turned away from me. “We’ll follow Hankings.”
“You need to stop,” I said, desperation creeping in.
“We don’t follow your orders, Lorelei,” Hankings spat at me. “You’re a fake.”
They turned around, ignoring me and then stomped off following the guy’s compass. I couldn’t make them follow me and I couldn’t handcuff them or order them or tell Frei or Sissy where we were.

“Sometimes people don’t want your assistance even if it is essential for their safety,” Frei said in a bored tone as she stood on the parade ground. “So, what do you do in that situation?”
Hankings stuck his hand up. “Arrest them.”
Frei ignored him and fixed on Sissy who took a deep breath.
“You accept their decision but you provide a way for them to get help if they decided they need it.” She smiled up at me. “Sometimes, helping can just be simply highlighting where someone is to those they will listen to.”
Hankings laughed. “Like you, Marney?”
I scowled. “We ain’t meant to be the authorities. We’re meant to be protecting folks without them knowing we are.”
“I’m an investigator.” Hankings turned to Frei. “I’d rather do something more useful.”
Frei glared at him enough that he cowered. “You think that assisting someone to safety is not useful?”
“No,” he said with a shrug. “If I pull in the guy attacking them, they don’t need protecting.”
Frei turned to me. “How do you highlight where someone is?”
I rubbed my head. “Er…” I could feel everybody but Frei and Sissy scowling at me. “Er…” I stuck my tongue out. Renee had kept close by me and been ready to head in when I needed her to. “Give them support or stick close enough to help them.”
“Good,” Frei said. “And if that doesn’t work…” She pulled out a gun and fired a flare into the sky. “You call me and I will dart them.”
The class laughed.

I fiddled in my coat and searched the stuff Frei had shoved into holsters and strapped to me. Flare gun… I held it up and aimed it in the direction Hankings and his buddies were headed.
Hankings and the team ducked then turned around and I shrugged and pointed where I was headed. “You following or getting your butt kicked?”
“Don’t listen to her,” Hankings said and trudged off.
The other two exchanged a glance then sighed and trudged after him.
Well, I’d done my best and my gut told me left and I was going left. I headed into the biting wind. I only hoped Frei and Sissy would see the flare and help them. Some agent I was.

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