HI there,

I thought it might be a good idea to drop in and tell you how I’m doing. In a writing sense, I hope you’ll be pleased to know that I’m over halfway through the rewrite of The Empath, which has allowed me to enhance the story, compliment the later books and give you extra snippets. As it was my debut novel, I’ve also had the chance to correct writing errors and hopefully bring Aeron and her friends to life more vividly than before.

I’ve been able to adjust the voice, which wasn’t as strong when I began the book and wasn’t as Aeron-like as the voice we’ve come to love. I also wanted to hint more at characters I’d mentioned who play a big role later on which I felt, that by not mentioning enough, made their entry later on in the series confusing for some.

I have also really enjoyed reconnecting with characters like Mrs. Squirrel and meeting Aeron and Renee back where they started. I really think it makes a massive improvement on the original version and I’ll be looking forward to sharing it.

I also have a new novel to introduce which will be released hopefully during the summer which allowed me to show South Wales and both champion and poke fun at the local police. (A fictional force, of course.) I did complete the typeset prior to all the lockdowns but wanted to make some minor tweaks. I’ll chat away more about the novel as we go but thought it would be nice for those who both are looking forward to the Aeron re-releases (as every book will be enhanced, hopefully work out any kinks I didn’t catch the first time and give you a better picture and relationship with all the characters.) These books will be slightly different (not the main plots, of course) as, if I’m re-releasing… it’s a great chance to make them better!

Anyhow, personally, it’s been a difficult period for many reasons but knowing Aeron and all my other characters have friends and all the support offered, it’s been wonderful. Thank you for making me smile!

Big Smiles,

Jody xx

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