Seeing Stars – Being on the Liz McMullen Show!

It’s a short and sweet little blog post for y’all today. (I promise I’ll explain the attempted American… stay with me.) As you will be able to see from my blog post:

I had the privilege to take part in Liz McMullen’s Pride Series. I thought it would be an interesting post to chat about my experience and have you chuckling along with Liz and I when you listen to the reading.

When I sent off my blog and story to Liz, it introduced me to a wonderful woman and host. Although her shows feature some pretty big literary hitters, little old me managed to sneak in the door. I have to say that it was one of the most fun recordings of anything I have ever done. I am sure that you will all get to hear the cleaned up and edited version but there was much giggling.

Reading your work aloud is nerve-wracking and that’s coming from me who was used to singing my own material on stage for years. Babbling incoherently is a trait of mine but reading consistently for forty minutes is a whole other matter.

Liz was great at making you feel as though you were just chatting to an old friend from across the pond. I felt at ease and we set to work. Speaking clearly and listening is one of my little challenges but I hope that you will be so busy chuckling at my accent that you won’t notice.

On finishing our comedy sketch, you will hear us cheer that we got through it. What Liz may not have realised is that she was my first ever author chat online and I cannot have wished for a more fun partner in crime. Thanks, Liz! Have some pie to celebrate!



You can see my Inky Inspiration interview of Liz here:

Follow her on Twitter : @lizmcmullenshow



Hope you enjoy!


Big Smiles,

sig copyx




PS: And… you will learn that I cannot swear for toffee!


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