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 When I started the website, I kept my blog on pages. Now you can find my blogs on the NEWS tab. These pages show how it was for me starting out and my first year as a published author so I thought It would be nice to keep them together. When I do make a post relevant to a series, I will add a link here for you to find it for yourself.

If it says **character blog** it means that in full or in part, the characters themselves feature on the blog.

Above & Beyond Blog

All things to do with Aeron Lorelei and her adventures. The Empath was my debut novel and you can find the early blogs under the ABOVE & BEYOND BLOG

Talking about my journey to publication. 

About the Welsh roots in Aeron’s hometown of Oppidum and a snippet from the book

My first signing and author chat.

The Empath announced as a finalist for the 2014 Rainbow Awards. (and a certain Pippa has popped out of my head and onto the page.)

The Playlist for The Empath.

On an author panel and getting an honorable (US Spelling) mention at the 2014 Rainbow Awards.

Aeron’s memories of a Thanksgiving in Serenity Hills with a certain Dr. Llys.  **Character blog**

Aeron chatting about herself for a character blog tour.  **Character Blog**

Revealing The Empath’s original cover. – A very big thanks to Ann McMan for doing such a wonderful job. 

Some notes from Dr. Llys’ File.

The first time the blurb was announced. 

Where Aeron got her surname from and creating the town of Oppidum.

The Empath is released on eBook and Paperback. 

Blind Trust:

Rainbow Awards 2015 – Honorable Mention. 

Blind Trust is launched **Character Blog**

A bit on Renee

A bit on Frei

Trust – the themes of Blind Trust **Character Blog**

Untrained Eye:

Some Thanksgiving cheer from the girls.  **Character Blog**

Chapter 1 & 2 0f Untrained Eye

Faith – The themes of Untrained Eye

Hope – The themes of Untrained Eye

Love – The themes of Untrained Eye


La Vie en Bleu

Why romance?

Pippa launches La Vie en Bleu – **character Blog**

Pippa’s playlist 

Chapter One of La Vie en Bleu 

My thoughts on writing:

I wanted to detail how and why I made choices about my work. As a new writer, it was overwhelming to try and take in all the thoughts and opinions on writing books. I wanted to note my thoughts on aspects as I went. It felt like a nice way to keep track of my own processes too.

On genre and following characters. 

On why rejection can be a good thing for an author.

Cheering on fellow authors.

Blog tour

Writing and sport being tough but worth it. 

Some Personal landmarks:

Sometimes I do like to chat about things that move me. It can be getting a new puppy to overcoming medical issues.

Writing for Stories For Homes. 

The wonder of Ollie. 

Welcoming Fergus home. 

Fergus’ first trip to the beach and meeting up with a dear friend… who just happens to rock.

Fergus at Six Months. 

Realising you can. 

York Writers’ Festival 2015 

Summer fun 2015

 STORIES FOR HOMES with a short story.  If you wanted to know how Alina and Frauke got on, 22 Carrots In The Snow is a little Christmas story to update you.

Other Author Stuff /Guestblogs

Appearances, launches, guestblogs – when I blog about it. It’ll be here:

UK Lesfic Site – May 2014 – Blogging about how British authors are working hard with their American friends. 

Women & Words – June 2014 – On having a different voice. 

Doing a Pride Special with Liz McMullen 2014 – Includes **Short Story** Seeing Stars. 

Standing in the spotlight July 2015 – for the Women & Words blog

Pride special July 2015 – Liz McMullen Show

Diva Magazine Dec 2015

Women & Words – Dec 2015 – Looking & Seeing

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