Aeron in flight


Happy Monday to you! Yes, I’m jolly about it being a Monday, but then, I am always jolly… ish… if there’s cake… but I have extra cause to be today.

This weekend, I got a taste of an author chat. The lovely Jaynes Pehney made my book READ of the month over on Lesfic Reader and I got to pop in and be grilled about everything from writing a thriller with paranormal connotations to what my favourite food was. It was all pretty exciting, even at three am where I am in sunny Wales… (don’t laugh, there is sun, it’s just hiding behind the rainclouds.) Which made me think, and I know that’s dangerous, about how wonderful it is to connect to readers face-to-face. Not technically face-to-face, more fingers-to-keys or face-to-screen or… well, you get the picture.  When I was writing Aeron, I had no real thought in my mind of what people may think about scenes when they read it. I hoped that they would like it, I really did but it’s quite surreal when someone actually asks you questions about it!  One of the other nice things is the reception that Aeron is receiving when they have read the book. So far, people seem to have liked meeting her and want to know what happens next, which for me, is pretty darn awesome!

I also launched my book in York recently at the Writers’ Workshop festival, it was great fun and you can see some pictures here!

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If you see me about on Facebook or Twitter, you may have seen that The Empath cover is also up for an award. We’re through to round two, (along with some of Ann McMan’s other incredible creations,) so if you have a minute and you love the cover, I’d be delighted if you voted!


(if you like TreeHouse Studios work, Balefire, Flights of Fancy & The Empath are three of her covers up for the award)


Clicked and voted? Hurrah! As my little attempt at reading out my first chapter seemed to go well, (or the ladies were very kind.) I thought I would finish with a video… Enjoy and have a great week!




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  1. You did a great job last weekend at LesFic Reader. Also I voted for the amazing Ann McMan, Famous Author’s covers.

  2. It’s so exciting to sign the books you’ve written! And to have an excuse to talk about your book – so glad the Lesfic Reader session went well. Looking forward to hearing more about Aeron x

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