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It’s been an exciting week or so for me, and pretty soon we’ll be on the runway lifting off.  The typeset is all ready, the book is all shined, Aeron is looking mighty fine and Oppidum awaits!

I know that a lot of people really like playlists and so below is a list of songs that will take you through the book. If you’re an interactive type of person, then they are all labelled up in the parts for you to hit play as you read. Aeron’s main theme that will stay with her throughout the series is Beethoven’s Piano Sonata No.14 in C# minor “Quasi una fantasia,” Op 27, No.2… or… as it’s commonly known… Moonlight Sonata.

So why is that the theme tune?  Well Moonlight Sonata is a highly emotive piece that is filled with repressed longing, soul soothing gentleness to rousing crescendos. It’s unearthly in its sound which embodies so much of what Aeron is to me. In the book she has arranged the piece as a violin solo but she has also done so as duets for a violin/piano. (That might just pop up in Blind Trust. *winks*) The actual melody line I describe is at present in my mind but it’s a combination of the original lighter melody that seeps in and out and the very individual embellishments that Aeron hears in the spaces and draws out with her bow.

The three parts of Moonlight Sonata are close to meditative which helps Aeron to disconnect from the world around her while letting her thoughts and feelings bleed into sounds that mere words cannot express. I could go into great detail as to exactly why and what every note means but you may understand better if you listen to the piece after reading the book or even interactively during the section that it corresponds to. The spiritual depth of Moonlight Sonata exudes her inner thoughts and feelings becoming a siren call to the character who hears it. It marks a massive moment and a pivotal point in Aeron’s story.

I’ve picked a couple of other numbers to talk about but the rest should make sense when you listen to them. (I’ve chatted about Calon Lan last time, so I’ll go for a few others.)


Devotion – The Indigo Girls – The journey to Oppidum

This is the song that takes Aeron from Serenity to Oppidum. The brushed snare drum gives me the feeling of movement, of wheels turning, and it conjures up her bus ride home to me. The lyrics reflect her disconnection and shows how hard she is to define. Aeron is not the kind of woman who is easily labelled and never will be.


And I Love You So – Don Mclean Renee’s theme

There’s something very special about Mr McLean’s songs. He is one of the most incredible songwriters out there and whenever I hear this song, it makes me think of Renee. It’s poignant, love affirming words sum her up and will grow in relevance during the series as you learn more about her. This song shows her gentleness, her dedication, joy and complete bafflement at herself. That makes it perfect to be her little song.


Mae’n Hen Wlad Fy Nhadau –  Believing

Now a national anthem may sound a bit of an odd theme to have when Aeron starts to believe in herself but there’s a reason behind it. As a Welsh person, this song is uplifting but the music itself seems to instil belief. Although the lyrics (as you will see below) are not particularly relevant to the book, the music is and, at least for me, it gives a little tingle of inspiration.


In Welsh In EnglishThe following is a fairly free translation in verse (and borrowed from Wiki!) In English Literal
Mae hen wlad fy nhadau yn annwyl i mi,Gwlad beirdd a chantorion, enwogion o fri;Ei gwrol ryfelwyr, gwladgarwyr tra mad,

Dros ryddid collasant eu gwaed.



Gwlad, gwlad, pleidiol wyf i’m gwlad.

Tra môr yn fur i’r bur hoff bau,

O bydded i’r hen iaith barhau.

The old land of my father’s is dear unto me,
Country of poets and singers, celebrities indeed:
Its warring defenders, so gallant and brave,
For freedom their life’s blood they gaveLand!, Land!, Pledge-ful I am to my country!
While seas secure
This land so pure,
O may our old language endure
The old land of my father’s is dear to me,Land of bards and singers, famous men of renown;Her brave warriors, very splendid patriots,

For freedom shed their blood.




Nation [or country], Nation, I am faithful to my Nation.

While the sea [is] a wall to the pure, most loved land,

O may the old language [sc. Cymraeg] endure


Ar Hyd Y Nos Lyrics

In Welsh In English
Holl amrantau’r sêr ddywedantAr hyd y nos”Dyma’r ffordd i fro gogoniant,”

Ar hyd y nos.

Golau arall yw tywyllwch

I arddangos gwir brydferthwch

Teulu’r nefoedd mewn tawelwch

Ar hyd y nos.


O mor siriol, gwena seren

Ar hyd y nos

I oleuo’i chwaer ddaearen

Ar hyd y nos.

Nos yw henaint pan ddaw cystudd

Ond i harddu dyn a’i hwyrddydd

Rhown ein golau gwan i’n gilydd

Ar hyd y nos.

Sleep my child and peace attend thee,All through the night,Guardian angels God will send thee,

All through the night,

Soft the drowsy hours are creeping,

Hill and vale in slumber steeping,

I my loving vigil keeping

All through the night.


While the stars their watch are keeping,

All through the night

While the weary world is sleeping

All through the night,

O’er thy spirit gently stealing,

Visions of delight revealing,

Breathes a pure and holy feeling,

All through the night.



Love Is Easy – McFly  – The Birthday Party

Because there’s nothing like a wonderfully happy song to finish with. There’s also a little snippet from a fabulous movie in there and it’s the kind of song that makes me smile.


Okay so here’s the playlist for you:


Act I

  1. Calon Lan – Traditional – A Pure Heart Imprisoned
  2. I am a Rock – Simon & Garfunkel – [Chapter 14/15] Isolation
  3. Moonlight Sonata – Beethoven – [Chapter 16] Aeron’s theme


Act II

  1. Devotion – The Indigo Girls – [Chapter 19/20] The journey to Oppidum
  2. Romeo – Dolly Parton – [Chapter 30] Sam struts in. (I can imagine the women in Oppidum singing this which always makes me chuckle.)
  3. Because of You – Kelly Clarkson – [Chapter 33] Father & Daughter troubles.
  4. I’ll Be OK – McFly – [Also Chapter 33] The unlikely ally “It get’s better.”
  5. That Ain’t Love – REO Speedwagon – [Chapter 64] Oppidum’s wall of fear
  6. When I’m Back On My Feet Again – Michael Bolton – [Chapter 64] Getting strength from an old friend.
  7. Ar Hyd y Nos – Welsh Folk Song – [Chapter 67] Healing in the river.
  8. Go Ahead – Alicia Keys – [Chapter 76] Doing what’s necessary. Heart in the hand.
  9. And I Love You So – Don McLean – [Chapter 76] Renee’s relief.



  1. I’d Wait For Life – Take That – [Chapter 81] Eli’s longing
  2. Open Arms – Tracy Chapman – [Chapter 82] Roadtrip To The Rockies
  3. Love Is Easy – McFly – [Chapter 85/86] Birthday Party – Dunking the Damsel


As you can see every song has a place and a theme in the book. There were lots of instrumentals that I used to think about emotions and themes but these songs I’ve picked out lend themselves to the finished product. Of course, I recommend that you purchase the songs because musicians have to eat too.


Well, as Nan would say, there’s ‘diddly squat and sweet applejack’ else to tell you other than that… THE EMPATH AWAITS… Oh that’s right… You heard me…




Have a great time reading!!


Big Smiles,




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