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letter copyWell, in case you haven’t seen my excited ramblings over the past week, it saw The Empath released on eBook. It has been quite the journey and I’ve reached an exciting little milestone.

One of the funny things I’ve noticed is how strange it feels knowing that very kind people out there are taking a chance on reading my work and meeting Aeron. I know that there are some who are waiting for the paperback, (Which I will keep you posted on the progress)but it’s quite an odd (and good) feeling knowing that Aeron is having a tour of other people’s minds!

The best way that I can describe it is akin to nurturing a bird from its egg until that moment when you open your hands and let it fly free. You hope that it soars and is happy but you have no more control over it.  I have had a celebratory slice of cake.

I have a poll to ask you a quick question if you’ll take the time to submit an answer, I’d be grateful 🙂




I went back to work taking everything that I have learned from The Empath and implementing it to the best of my ability. Of course, I will be publicising Aeron and taking it to the York Festival of Writing, and if you are a writers’ or readers’ group who is interested in me coming to chat  about my novel just drop me an email via my page here and I’ll get back to you.

In the meantime, I’m editing and will be working on Blind Trust.

Mrs. Squirrel is Team Aeron all the way!
Mrs. Squirrel is Team Aeron all the way!

So, when you get the chance to read The Empath, I will be asking that question, are you Team Aeron?
Aeron ain’t no dimwit. If you have read or are reading The Empath, I’d love for you to leave a comment and let me know. I promise that I will relay the messages on to Aeron! If you have questions about the book I’m always happy to talk about her but for now, here’s a little page that fell from Doctor Llys’ file…

SL Session Report copy

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