As an author, inspiration can come from all things.  It could be the line in a song on the radio, a snippet of conversation on the bus, a dream at night but one of the most important sources of inspiration are other authors.

Just like a budding sports star in the academy has that legend they look up to, I think it’s equally relevant to anyone who writes that they have heroes to look up to and learn from.

In this segment, I am going to interview fellow authors who have inspired me, those I have learned from and those who have helped me on my writing journey so far. I will also chat to the other wonderful people in the publishing industry who can shed light on the dark dusty areas that no author dares tread!

Click below to go to the interviews. I’ll be doing one each month and I hope that you enjoy!


Sandra Moran

Sandra Moran

Sandra Moran – Author of Letters Never Sent and Nudge chats to me:


The Print Management Studio

The Print Management Studio

Zoe Buck – CEO of Print Management Studios talks about the process behind the scenes:


Jaynes Pehney talks to me about her Social Network mastery and her writing process


Harry Bingham

Harry Bingham

Harry Bingham – Author of Talking To The Dead, Love Story With Murders, The Strange Death of Fiona Griffiths chats to me about what it’s like to have your book projected into a TV series and exactly how it feels to share your head with a Fiona!


Liz McMullen

Liz McMullen

Liz McMullen – Interviewer and Author of If I Die Before I Wake pops in to chat about the dedication it took to bring her novel to life, what it’s like to interview her fellow authors and just who inspired her.




Radclyffe – Author, editor and publisher, stops by to chat about her acclaimed career, the challenges and fun of writing series and her new release Taking Fire.


Salem West

Salem West

Rainbow Reader, Author and without an outstanding warrant to her name, Salem West drops in to talk about  Hoosier Daddy, co-writing  and her reviewing process.




I talk to fellow Bedazzled Ink author Barrett about her ‘Damaged’ Series, what it’s like to spend 24 hours with a disability and just how much fun Scottish place names can be!


Georgia Beers

Georgia Beers

Georgia Beers and I talk about why she started writing, the GCLS, tackling long-term romance and a day in the life of a romance writer!



Ann McMan - Famous Author

Ann McMan – Famous Author

I have great fun when Ann McMan pops in to say hi to talk Jane Austen, Jericho and Co-writing!



I chat to Jaynes Pehney about her social media reader group and her poetry



Carole Wolf

Carole Wolf

On a special Inky Inspiration Introduces, I talk to Carole Wolf about her new novel Everything


Debi Alper

I talk to the incredible Debi Alper about mentoring, writing a series and Psychic Distance!


glasses - Copy (2)

Karelia Stetz-Waters

I chat to Karelia Stetz-Waters on her writing, her mentoring and we even get in conjoined twins!


Melissa Brayden

Melissa Brayden

Melissa Brayden pops in to talk theatre, romance and How Sweet It Is to be an award winning author


Gerri Hill


I talk to the super cool, inspiring author that is Gerri Hill on her body of work, her love for brooding characters and her brand new novel Angel Fire




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