Inky Inspiration – Jaynes Pehney

As an author, inspiration can come from all things. It could be the line in a song on the radio, a snippet of conversation on the bus, a dream at night but one of the most important sources of inspiration are other authors.


There are also some other roles in the literary world that fascinate me and so I am delving into the world of Social Media for today’s segment.

Jaynes is a poet, writer, promoter and supporter of authors on Facebook. She runs a multitude of groups and special events for authors to talk about their work.


Hi Jaynes, thank you for chatting to me. Let’s start with how you found Social Media and what drew you to Facebook in the first place?

It’s kind of a sad story. A friend of mine and co-worker, Gus (a psychiatrist where I worked) encouraged me to get on Facebook after my mom died. He committed suicide a few months later. It was a rough time for me and obviously for him too. Now I’m glad he did.


What made you decide to set up the various groups? Are you surprised how big they have grown?

It was a whim. I was bored and in pain from kidney stone issues. I wasn’t sleeping so I was reading a lot. And one day I thought it would be nice to be able to talk to other readers and I didn’t know anyone who read Lesbian Fiction so I went on FB and started LesficREADER.

And YES I’m amazed at how big the group is now!

What delights you about being involved in such a way? And… where do you get the energy from?

The first thing I said when starting the group was I am a hyperactive-nymphomaniac-insomniac! I have a lot of energy naturally. Though now, I don’t have as much as I had three years ago. I love the discussions and the sharing in group! I like putting it together, too.


You’re also a poet, can you talk a little bit about your work and where we can find you?

I’m published in all four volumes of The Sappho’s Corner Poetry Series that is edited by my dear friend Beth Mitchum. She is our modern day Sappho! I love this project almost as much as she does, maybe more some days. I am a right-brained poet for the most part, I write what I’m thinking about exactly how I am thinking about it. If that makes sense, it does to me.


What do you love most about poetry?

The language. The freedom The rhythm. The flow. … I think I love everything about poetry that’s why I write it.


You also write, what kind of topics do you like to explore?

I love writing sweet sexy scenes and I think I’m pretty good at it. I like to write about emotions, feelings and thoughts. I like to write about characters and how they relate to other characters. I was a psych. nurse for twenty-two years I like understanding what makes characters and real people tick.


When did you start doing the monthly READs? And who was your first author/poet?

I started the group in March over three years ago and the first READ was in April. It was Breaker’s Passion by Julie Cannon and someone else picked the first book and the author did not participate. The second month was Joy Argento’s book Carrie and Hope and Joy did participate. The group really started growing after I attended my first GCLS con.


You also recently did an online chat of your own, did you enjoy being on the other end of the chat?

Yes, very much. Liz McMullen is a wonderful host and woman. It was a lot of fun but I was extremely nervous.


Handling large groups of people online must be difficult at times, what do you do to relax?

Handling large groups of people online must be difficult at times, what do you do to relax? READ! And spend time with Rae. And write.


Where do you see yourself in five and ten years time? Will you still be running the groups or will you concentrate on your writing and poetry?

I hope I will have finished a couple of books. I’d like to start moving the group in a more participatory direction, actually I think I already have. Personally I hope I’m retired and writing full time and financially comfortable. That would be awesome!


How do the Author chats work and what advice would you give to an author who is the subject of one?

An author comes into group and answers questions gives us a bio and my advice to authors is ASK QUESTIONS, and keep the readers engaged.


Where can we find you online if we want to read your work?

Jaynes Pehney on facebook and LesficREADER! UltraVioletLove publishing Sappho’s Corner! B& and



  1. What is your strength as a writer/poet/promoter?

Energy Enthusiasm and Loving what I’m doing… I’m not perfect not even close but I try I put myself out there. And I am not afraid to be vulnerable, most days 😉


  1. What is your ‘typical’ writing day?

I’m not working I usually can’t do anything else first and expect to get much writing done so hopefully I start out writing! If not I end the day writing in bed.

  1. When readers pick up your books or visit your groups, what would you most like to hear them say?

With my books I hope they say “she has an interesting and unique voice or style”. In group… “Wow, I love this, how can I help!”

  1. What would you least like them to do/say?

To feel bored or apathetic.

  1. Who is your literary idol? why?

I have a list… Harper Lee, Saxon Bennett, Layce Gardner, Isabella Author, Mary Oliver but my top two are Kieran York and Beth Mitchum because they have found a balance with writing poetry and fiction.

  1. If you could have written any book, which one would it have been?

To Kill A Mockingbird

  1. What is your ‘tic’ word when writing?

I have three (of course)  … and ,k and 😉

  1. Favourite word?


  1. Least favourite word?


  1. What would you most like to develop in your writing? Simply improving, creating, and finishing.



Thank you for joining me Jaynes!

Thank you so much for inviting me! I appreciate it ;)And I think I learned some things about myself from this


You can find her on WordPress here:










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    Two of my vary favorite people! Love the interview.

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