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Because it’s important to me that you use your gifts for the benefit of others, you will see that I tend to take part in anthologies that support various charities. I will post the actual stories in full here on my site in the hope that if you enjoy them, then you will spend your hard-earned money to see what the other authors have to offer and support the cause. It might seem like I’ve chosen some random charities but I promise there is a rhyme and reason to it. If I’m contributing, then it’s because I want to do something to help and that’s the best way I know how!

Stories For Homes
Fields Of Gold 

part of the BESTSELLING Stories For Homes anthology for Shelter is out now on Amazon and Createspace.

You can read my story Fields of Gold in full here on the site here

Stories For Homes is for Shelter who are a charity in the UK who help homeless and those threatened with homelessness. I know that I wouldn’t fancy spending a wet, cold night out on the deserted streets. I wanted my short to be an exploration of what, who and where home actually is. Alina and Frauke star in my little story set in a seaside town. Alina doesn’t want to spend the summer back at her parents house especially after she loses the court case against a man she’s tried so hard put behind bars. Frauke is the last person she wants to see having never forgiven her for leaving their home village.

And you can hear me reading from it during the launch here:

part II

To celebrate two years of Stories For HomesI wrote a follow up piece to Fields of Gold called 22 Carrots In The Snow here.


Seeing Stars


Seeing Stars

Seeing Stars is a blog and short story for the Liz McMullen blog and Bedtime stories series. You can read the blog and download the PDF of the story here:

I read with Liz on the Bedtime stories section.

Hannah and Alex star in this piece about the music industry, the perils of finding a new bass player and just how much Alex loves pie!


You can watch me reading Seeing Stars here:


Out of Darkness


Backseat Driver

Out of Darkness – Raises money for the British Heart Foundation and includes my short story Backseat Driver which you can find in full here

This is a short story based in the city of London. Our intrepid lady is trying to dispose of evidence while attempting to piece together where she is! It’s written in present tense, first person for some comic effect!


Reading Is Magic


Upon The  Crest of A Moon

Reading is Magic – Is a collection for the NSPCC who are the National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children. You can find my Short lyrical piece Upon The Crest of the Moon here:-

Chester is a little cloud who lives high above us in his fluffy white world. He’s a cute little fellow who loves his ‘little Chestie’ and cuddles from his Mummy Puff.

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