Book III

The lock is the key.

Escaping your past isn’t always easy.

Aeron Lorelei gets a vision that CIG General Ursula Frei has been captured
and is seriously injured. With Commander Renee Black, Aeron starts searching
with the only information she has: the memories of Frei’s past triggered when
Aeron touches a certain padlock that shows the depth of the scars hidden inside
Frei. Aeron and Renee retrace Frei’s footsteps on a journey that takes them
through the hardship and heroism of Frei’s old life.

Dodging the Internal Affairs Team’s attempts to solve irregularities in
their mission and with the foes from Frei’s former life closing in on them,
Aeron and Renee need all their skills, faith, and cunning to find her as
quickly as they can. As the flashbacks get more vivid and drain Aeron’s still
dimmed burdens and strength, this mission could wind up costing CIG the lives
of their two top agents.