Full Circle

Book VII

Aeron Lorelei is back where she began: locked in a secure mental health facility; seen responsible for the murders committed by her former friend; hunted by rogue staff who seem set on removing her; haunted by the memories of former staff and slaves; in failing health; with no ability to use her blessings, and carrying vital information she needs to get to a certain Commander Renee Black and General Ursula Frei.

Aeron might be locked up but she’s learned some elite skills to keep her old friends on the wing and herself safe and, unknown to her, she has built a formidable group of allies who are ready to charge to her rescue under one banner: Team Aeron.

Yet, the closer Team Aeron get finding out just who is targeting them and why, they are outflanked, outfought and Aeron is fading fast.

It will take every ounce of faith, hope and love to see Aeron and those she loves find the truth that has so long been buried and bring those responsible to justice… and maybe just find out if a certain someone loves her back..