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  • A Reading From La Vie en Bleu

    Hey there! When I was thinking about reading La Vie en Bleu, the issue of whether or not to use a French accent naturally sprang into my mind. I had tried several sections of the book and reading it ‘straight’ with no accent at all. The funniest versions were when I just let myself be ridiculous and […]

  • All The Fun of The Festival!

      Wow, what a fortnight. About a fortnight ago, I was in my local Accident & Emergancy department. (ER for the folks across the pond.) My wheelchair had one footrest and the back was held in place with cable ties. I’m lucky that I can’t really remember a lot of it but I know I […]

  • True Bleu

    As Jody decided to attempt her own version of a face plant. She left it to me, Pippa. (Hi there *waves*) to write the blog this week. So I thought I would go for the romantic slant. I would try to capture my love of France.

  • The Sound of Romance

    As someone who lived and breathed music as a profession and a passion, it’s probably no surprise that music plays a part in my writing process. When I asked on Facebook recently, readers seemed to enjoy playlists. I was delighted to learn that a fellow writer had a process similar to mine too! Generally,  when […]

  • A little bit of France – Oui, C’est the first chapter!

    Well hey folks, I hope your summer is going well. It’s been exciting here with the GCLS awards announced last week. It was fun to be in the final and a very surreal experience to be part of the process. I’ve also been working away on La Vie en Bleu which will be with you […]

  • Summer Fun

    June is always an exciting time for me, generally because it is my birthday month and a few other people I know! This June has been a fun one so far as last Sunday saw the lunch of my book Blind Trust and I got to follow that up with a fun day at the […]

  • Ooh La La! C’est… er… the cover

    Ooh la la… indeed! I know, I couldn’t resist the title. (apologies to the lovely French folk out there.) As you might have cottoned on to the fact that these next few months are pretty busy here in JK territory. Blind Trust is taxiing so don’t worry, Aeron is gearing up to fly your way […]

  • Romance & All That

    A thriller writer attempting romance? Surely not!   What would I know about slushy stuff anyway?   Well, La Vie En Bleu was one of the most enjoyable books that I’ve ever written. My approach for the book was to fill it was as much light, laughter and my own daftness as possible.

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