I got another chance to be a part of the wonderful website, blog and show that is Liz McMullen. The challenge was to pick something from the news. As you may realise that I like to make mine happy news and so I’m celebrating a hero of mine!   http://www.thelizmcmullenshow.com/celebrating-who-we-are/   On another celebratory note. […]

Not Such A Small Frei

In the build up to Blind Trust, I’ve chatted about Renee and her involvement in the series, I’ve talked about the opening lines and how I approached following up The Empath. This week, I thought I’d talk about one of my favourite characters, Ursula Frei. When Renee decided to change up the series by muscling […]

Smiles for the New Year!

HELLO!! I hope that you all had a lovely festive season and New Year? It’s always a bit strange adjusting to normality after it all, isn’t it? The decorations go away, the chaos of all that excited energy and sometimes tension calms down and for some reason lots of people feel the need to join […]