Hayefield Manor

Hayefield Manor is not a welcoming place.

Morgan Lloyd is a medically retired Detective Inspector. She has no desire whatsoever to become a Private Investigator but somehow finds herself coerced into trying to prove the innocence of one very aloof Lady Sophie Haye.

It wouldn’t be so bad if her client wasn’t the prime suspect in a high-profile murder case; if there weren’t bodies turning up on the flowerbed, or if the atmospheric estate didn’t have creepy mists; creepier suits of armour, or if her distant fiancé and ex-partner weren’t in charge of the investigation…

Oh, and then there’s Lady Sophie, who captivates her, spooks her, and stirs the kind of loyalty that Morgan can’t shake off.

With her former colleagues warning her of Sophie’s intentions, and the evidence building against her client, Morgan needs to unravel why someone innocent would go into hiding for nineteen years; why someone innocent would care more for the flowerbed than the body on it, and if she’s been snared into falling for a killer who is using her to cover her tracks.  

And she thought police work had been stressful.