Black Ridge Falls – Signed copy

Black Ridge Falls – Signed Copy

Everyone has their own mountain to climb... Aeron Lorelei, ex-con, now elite agent with CIG should be resting and a nice peaceful vacation with Commander Renee Black sounds perfect. But the past lurks once more and Aeron finds herself hunted by the FBI on Black Mountain, the very place that saw Renee's father and brother lost... and it soon becomes clear the mountain has a different story to tell. With hostiles on their tail, the most dangerous mountain in the USA ahead, and a young POI close to their hearts depending on them, Aeron's burdens are the only way to safety. But Aeron's body is struggling, the hostiles are waiting, and escaping Renee's past looks impossible. But... Aeron is set on Renee beating her mountain, even if that means being claimed by it herself.