Renovating Hearts Series


La Vie En Bleu  and Best Maid Plans are romantic comedies.




La Vie En Bleu

Pippa Saunders likes her life as it is. Uncomplicated.

La Vie en Bleu Cover copy She’s engaged to Prince Charming (AKA Doug Fletcher) and she and her best friend Rebecca share a flat and are wonderful underachievers or boring, in Rebecca’s eyes.

A series of events, which sees Pippa take a trip to the local Italian in her pyjamas, threatens to shake her neatly packaged life.

When Doug buys a holiday home in the South of France and hires Pippa’s ‘old friend,’ the mysterious Berne Chamonix, Pippa finds herself face to face with the woman she’s been trying to forget since nineteen.

…A woman who has an uncanny knack of tying her up in knots.

… A woman Doug wants her to work alongside.

Summer in France is poised to take a chisel to her well built up façade.

Not so boring after all…

La Vie en Bleu takes the English and French love/hate relationship and throws a canoe at it!



What The Reviewers Say…

“La Vie en Bleu is an absolutely lovely read. It is well written, humorous and full of excellent human observation combined with an interesting version of the classic re-united lovers romance. It is very different from the Above and Beyond Series, but like all Ms Klaire’s work is extremely well done…

…Definitely a “highly recommended” for those who like a light-hearted romance, I look forward to more of the Romantic Ms Klaire.”

LLR – Read the full review here!

Best Maid Plans

Love in France is wonderful.


Pippa Saunders has her true love Berne Chamonix nearby and spring is in the air.

5151_503_329  She’s trying to ignore that she and Rebecca don’t have jobs or money; they still haven’t finished the house, and Rebecca is pining because Babs keeps disappearing on business trips.

Doug, AKA Prince Charming, then calls to ask Pippa for her help. He’s getting married, his fiancé is pregnant and he has to organise a wedding and renovate their new family home in Wales while she works. Oh, and he wants Pippa to be his Best Maid.

So, with chocolate in tow, Pippa and Rebecca head to Wales to help Doug and try to investigate who his mysterious fiancé is. Rebecca decides she wants her estranged dad’s blessing, dragging Pippa in to help. So summer in France turns to summer in Wales which sees her help Doug with all the wedding chores, renovate a manor house, continue battling for England, charm a village and somehow become a caddy on a golf course… all while trying to convince Berne that she’s not running away.


Best Maid Plans, with Pippa and friends, normally go awry.   

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