The Empath original release (PDF Version)


Book 1 of the Above & Beyond Series where Aeron teams up with a certain Commander Renee Black to bring in a killer and save a town from losing anymore young girls.


Aeron Lorelei, is a little bit different. Blessed and burdened with the ability to see the past and present of those around her, she has been locked away in a maximum security institution for over a decade for manslaughter of her best friend’s brother.

Now released, she is happy to be free and leave her past behind but she isn’t welcomed home. With hostile locals, an estranged father and ‘burdens’ that won’t leave her alone, Aeron takes solace in fixing up Nan’s Cabin…

Only that’s when young girls start to go missing… and all fingers point her way… and it looks like she’s going to be sent back to the institution she escaped.

Yet, an unlikely ally, in the guise of a psychiatrist begins to help Aeron believe that she just might be able to prove her innocence and stop the killer… but, when her own family are taken, will she have the courage to take on the killer by using the burdens she’s spent her entire life hiding.

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