Queer Tango

I’d been thinking of something to make people smile and wanted to bring out my daftest, hopefully comical, and uplifting side for you. What popped into my head was Queer Tango because I’d heard and read about the term which is/was used which I gathered was something to do with when there weren’t enough men/women to lead/follow so they just grabbed whoever… friends, chairs… and now I’m singing Jailhouse Rock.

My version of this has no bearing on sexuality or the genders of my eclectic cast but more the fact that they are not quite the full shilling. I’m hoping to give you this weekly and it’s here online completely for free. If you’ve ever seen Stepping Out, watched a Victoria Wood sketch, like the idea of daft people attempting to dance, have read Beached, La Vie en Bleu or Best Maid Plans and enjoyed them, then Queer Tango may well be something you’ll chuckle at.

It is set in a very eccentric little town somewhere in the UK… so relax, get in the mood for a giggle, and get ready for some very queer tango…  

Episode 1: Imperfect Pilates

Episode 2: Indecent Proportions

Episode 3: Hats Not Right

Episode 4: Egg-straordinarily Happy

Episode 5: Taking the Plimsole

Episode 6: Al Fresco

Episode 7: Yoga Pants

Episode 8: Red, White and Blue

Episode 9: Ruby’s Plimsole

Episode 10: Icing On The Cake

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