I've been a bit under the weather at the moment so writing is on a go slow... but I was talking to a lovely reader recently and she wondered if I'd ever drawn Aeron's face. My answer was that I'd tried but Aeron doesn't really like to be drawn and tends to go wrong.  I [...]

Reading from Love’s Bridge

Hey there!   Hope you're all having a lovely day. I wanted to share two readings from Love's Bridge for you. They are the first two pieces in the collection. Breathtaking, you are - Is me adding in a touch of prose. 22 Carrots In The Snow - This is the follow-up piece to Fields of Gold which was in [...]

Love’s Bridge

Hey! I wanted to do something a bit different to celebrate love. I wanted to share my love for writing and my characters. So, I've taken you on a journey, from my first characters in a romance, Alina and Frauke, to Aeron, Pippa, Mable, Prince Raph and more. These little snippets of stories from characters [...]

Thanksgiving with Aeron

Hey folks,  Well I been real busy with Renee and Frei 'cause we're staying in Frei's place. It's getting kinda cold here and I don't much like the cold. Good thing that Frei got her big ol' fire crackling and she left the speech thing on her computer on (or hunk of junk as Aunt [...]

Getting in the mood… for trust!

When I set out to write The Empath, I was hoping that people would love Aeron. It's been so exciting to see that she's made lots of friends. May should see Blind Trust taking off and I hope that you are as excited as I am to spend more time with her. Currently, I'm working on [...]

Blind Trust Revealed…

Well as you guys know Aeron has her own series and so today I have some exciting news to share with you. Writing Blind Trust could have been a struggle. After The Empath, I could have found it hard to continue her story in a way that made sense and was exciting. In typical Aeron fashion, it wasn't [...]