Aeron and Renee

Hey there, As I said in the previous blog Doodling, I was asked what Aeron looked like and if I'd do some concept art for her. I was also asked if I could produce a picture with both Aeron and Renee... so I did. I also thought I'd do some quotes about them and by them to [...]


I've been a bit under the weather at the moment so writing is on a go slow... but I was talking to a lovely reader recently and she wondered if I'd ever drawn Aeron's face. My answer was that I'd tried but Aeron doesn't really like to be drawn and tends to go wrong.  I [...]

Renee Black  Not Just An Extra

There's some characters who have ambitions. They have bigger ideas than the ones you had planned for them. In The Empath, Renee Black is the epitome of this. She was meant to be an extra. A pain to irritate and hound Aeron and then gracefully take her exit stage left… The first line and Aeron's own [...]