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The Whistleblower – Part II – Episode 7

Hey guys, Well, here’s Susan’s latest outing. I hope you enjoy. Those of you who are enjoying The Above & Beyond Series may enjoy some of the little snippets about our girls. Enjoy! Whistleblower – Part II- Episode 7: Arrhythmia   Big Smiles!

The Whistleblower Part II – Episode 3: Pacemaker

Hi Guys!   It’s been a bit of a busy month with releasing two versions of Best Maid Plans as I wanted to provide the same story but give more readers a chance to connect to Pippa and Friends. Best Maid Plans – with Pip and Rebecca as you remembered them from La Vie En Bleu. And Best Maid Plans – Ladies and Gentlemen’s edition…

The Whistleblower – Part II – Episode 2

Hi Guys, Hope you’re all smiling (and maybe because you’re catching up with Pip in Best Maid Plans?) Here is this month’s episode of The Whistleblower. I hope you enjoy! Whistleblower Part II Episode 2 Big Smiles!

The Whistleblower – Episode 9

Susan is convinced that inmate Aeron Lorelei is unresponsive for physical reasons as well as grief over her friend Yasmin. With a little help from two agents, she’s able to stumble on a diagnosis… and it sheds light on some of her previous cases… but can she help Aeron or will Mainz block her way?

The Whistleblower – Episode 8

Hi Guys! Hope you’re having a lovely week. Here is the next episode of The Whistleblower. I hope you enjoy. The Whistleblower – Episode 8: Sticky Situation Big Smiles!  

The Whistleblower – Episode 5: Passes Out

HI Guys,   As you can see, I’ve uploaded the next episode of The Whistleblower for you. It was nice to spend some time with Frei and Renee in this one too. There are little pointers in it toward Hindsight so I hope that you enjoy spotting them. I still haven’t got a release date for Hindsight yet but I’m told it’ll be very…