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Queer Tango Episode 24: Wedding Dresses and Tango Hats

Hey there,

Here’s this week’s episode of Queer Tango for you to enjoy with Trevor doing his best to stop Ceri’s wedding. I hope it gives you a smile and you enjoy catching up with the Bumblethorpe lot… and don’t forget that there’s also a new scene from Renee and Frei too!

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Queer Tango Episode 15: Perfect Cup of Tea

Hey there!
We were so happy this week because Feathers flew! Yes, she’s on the wonky side and she looks a bit dishevelled but our fledgling was able to fly free. We’re happy to report that she’s visited and said hello each evening so please keep sending up your good thoughts and love for her.
Don’t forget that Hayefield Manor is out and ready for you to meet Morgan, Sophie and the cast here….
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Or if you’re outside the UK and US, you can just head to Amazon and search for Jody Klaire!

And, here’s this week’s episode of Queer Tango – Perfect Cup of Tea— which I hope that you enjoy and chuckle to!
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Queer Tango Episode 7: Yoga Pants

I hope that you are smiling and that you’re in the mood for some Queer Tango. I was really touched this week because Carol over at LESBIreviewed reviewed Blind Trust and it made me smile so much. I especially love hearing her chat and I hope that you enjoy listening to how kind she is as much as me!
Anyhow, I hope that you enjoy this week’s episode: Yoga Pants and it makes you chuckle.
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Some Fun Things to Share

Hi all, I have some fun things to share with you: 1 – Bedazzled Ink have been amazing enough to give The Empath away free on their Bedazzled Ink Peddler website with 25% off the rest of the series to get you excited for Full Circle… hurray. Please say a big thanks to them for being so kind! 2 –…

The Whistleblower – Part II – Episode 10 – Chapter 7

Hey there, Well, here it is… enjoy!   Chapter 7 The morning was a crisp one as Susan nodded to Frei and left her at the main road to walk up the driveway to Serenity. There was one police car parked in the parking lot along with the usual staff cars and she tried to steal herself as she headed…

The Whistleblower – Part II – Episode 10 – Chapters 3 & 4

Hey guys, Hope you enjoyed the previous chapters. Here’s two more!     Chapter 3 Susan leaned onto the polished wood desk in her father’s office and tried to focus on her own notes. Floss still hadn’t stabilized but she had needed to get the medication to Frei so she could run a sample, and she wanted to write down…

The Whistleblower – Part II – Episode 9

Hey! Here is The Whistleblower for you. Things are hotting up with Susan now… don’t forget to check in next month to see if Susan can fix things in Serenity… Whistleblower Part II Episode 9 Big Smiles,