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Exclusive online preview: Full Circle – Chapter 3

Hi There, Here is chapter 3 of Full Circle (I’m posting the book scene by scene but I tend to use short chapters in Aeron’s series.) I hope that you enjoy! Big Smiles, Jody My thoughts: Oh, poor Renee. When I originally wrote Full Circle, Renee was with Frei but when I rewrote the novel, I found a more natural…

Exclusive online preview: Full Circle – Chapter 2

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Exclusive online preview: Full Circle – Chapter 2
Hi There,

Thank you for taking part in the polls for me. You’ve pretty much unanimously stated you’d like Aeron stories and thank you very much for saying that you will happily read whatever I’d like to write. It gave me a smile. 😊

So, as I’m going to begin giving you a new Aeron story, I will be wrapping up Queer Tango as Aeron will be making you smile on my behalf!

Big smiles