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  • Never Give Up

    Never Give Up

    I realised that it’s mental health awareness week and it’s always heartening and heart-breaking to hear how people are affected. But, mental health isn’t just about those long-term mental health challenges that so many (incredible) people face. We’re all susceptible to suffering from mental illness and there’s always a new way to improve our mental […]

  • Free eBook Celebration!

    Free eBook Celebration!

    Hey there! Well Easter is a special time to me (and lots of people) and a reminder of renewal and rolling away barriers. To some it signals spring break, Easter holidays and a time to relax. And, as it is Easter, to celebrate, I’m making If The Shoe Fits, Love’s Bridge, Best Maid Plans & […]

  • Standing Ground

    I am sitting by the sea as I write this. The sun is high overhead. It’s low tide so there’s a sandy expanse for people  to walk and play on. It’s two in the afternoon when most are in work, school or otherwise locked indoors. The wonder of being an author means I can work anywhere. […]

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