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May your Christmas be bright!

Hello! Ferb and I were thinking about how we could celebrate Christmas with you. Normally we would put up the books for free over the holiday but as I have tried and failed to figure out how to do that without being on Kindle Unlimited… So… we’ve come up with a furry plan…   So – all the self-published books:…

The Whistleblower Christmas Special!

  Hi Guys! I hope you’re looking forward to the holidays. I know it isn’t always an easy time for some, and if it is tough for you, I hope that you find peace and calm. If you love Christmas, hurray! Christmas to me is a special time for so many reasons and is filled with warm memories of those…

Christmas Love

Hello all! You’ll be pleased to know that Aeron and her next adventure are going through the final checks, (hurray!) I really hope you love it as much as I do. To celebrate Christmas, I’ve written a short story for you. I hope that it makes you smile.