Free eBook Celebration!

Hey there! Well Easter is a special time to me (and lots of people) and a reminder of renewal and rolling away barriers. To some it signals spring break, Easter holidays and a time to relax. And, as it is Easter, to celebrate, I'm making If The Shoe Fits, Love's Bridge, Best Maid Plans & [...]

Reading from Love’s Bridge

Hey there!   Hope you're all having a lovely day. I wanted to share two readings from Love's Bridge for you. They are the first two pieces in the collection. Breathtaking, you are - Is me adding in a touch of prose. 22 Carrots In The Snow - This is the follow-up piece to Fields of Gold which was in [...]

Love’s Bridge

Hey! I wanted to do something a bit different to celebrate love. I wanted to share my love for writing and my characters. So, I've taken you on a journey, from my first characters in a romance, Alina and Frauke, to Aeron, Pippa, Mable, Prince Raph and more. These little snippets of stories from characters [...]

True Bleu

As Jody decided to attempt her own version of a face plant. She left it to me, Pippa. (Hi there *waves*) to write the blog this week. So I thought I would go for the romantic slant. I would try to capture my love of France. Life in France, beautiful, vivid, it stirs joy, love [...]

The Sound of Romance

As someone who lived and breathed music as a profession and a passion, it's probably no surprise that music plays a part in my writing process. When I asked on Facebook recently, readers seemed to enjoy playlists. I was delighted to learn that a fellow writer had a process similar to mine too! Generally,  when [...]

A little bit of France – Oui, C’est the first chapter!

Well hey folks, I hope your summer is going well. It’s been exciting here with the GCLS awards announced last week. It was fun to be in the final and a very surreal experience to be part of the process. I’ve also been working away on La Vie en Bleu which will be with you [...]

Romance & All That

A thriller writer attempting romance? Surely not!   What would I know about slushy stuff anyway?   Well, La Vie En Bleu was one of the most enjoyable books that I've ever written. My approach for the book was to fill it was as much light, laughter and my own daftness as possible. One of [...]