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  • C.H.I.S chapter 3… and it’s also published!!

    C.H.I.S chapter 3… and it’s also published!!

    Hey there! It’s been a warm week here in Wales which is very nice for my bones and vitamin D levels. Ferb has been sunbathing himself between cooling off in the shade and having a dip in his paddling pool to ease his hot paws. Although currently, the local police are not my favourite people […]

  • C.H.I.S exclusive chapter 2

    C.H.I.S exclusive chapter 2

    Hi there,You know, when I began writing, I never realized how much it would become a therapy for me but also a big part of my life. It feels strange that you haven’t met Nikki fully yet but, although her book is a nice big juicy one, it took a long time to get that […]

  • Update, thoughts and a free chapter!

    Hi there, I have been quiet again because Em and I have been battling lots of different battles from thugs committing Hate Crimes against us to the police all while I’ve been trying to finish off my dissertations and get over my Spring Covid booster jab (MUCH better than getting the real bug). If I […]

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