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Happy Valley Pride!

Hey there,

I have been fighting to get fit enough to be at both LFEST and Hebden Bridge but I’m still having some visual issues. I will do a Vlog to update you soon but for now I hope to catch you at Happy Valley Pride (I’ve even worked hard on a video promo for you – please feel free to share.)

In other news, we are fighting hard to get medical help from an amazing doctor in London who is a leading expert and thinks he can help… only our delightful Welsh Government declined a funding application from consultants on my behalf… so I’ll be working extra hard to pen some books to fund the trip myself… It’s a step back but Ferb is on the case!

(check out https://jodyklaire.com/2016/11/07/patients-plea/ if you want to know a little about my battle against medical professionals.)

I’m still smiling and I’ll have a brand new cover of Hayefield Manor for you and the blurb very soon! I’ll also be on the GCLS Writing Academy Blog chatting about my writing and going from mentee to mentor.

I hope you have a great week and hope to catch you in Hebden. I’ll do my best to get some fun pictures and videos for those who can’t be there!

Big Smiles!

Jody x

Black Ridge Falls

Calling all Aeron fans… I am busy editing Black Ridge Falls… and I hope to be able to give you more on the release but I’m told it should be out soon… So, I’d better got on with my edits… *rolls up sleeves* Please enjoy the video below which will tell you a little bit more and hear Aeron doing her thing!…

Reading from Love’s Bridge

Hey there!   Hope you’re all having a lovely day. I wanted to share two readings from Love’s Bridge for you. They are the first two pieces in the collection. Breathtaking, you are – Is me adding in a touch of prose. 22 Carrots In The Snow – This is the follow-up piece to Fields of Gold which was in the Stories For Homes anthology to help…

On The Runway!

It’s a bit blustery outside today which has been making Fergus look as though he’s performing in a shampoo commercial. His gold locks have been flowing when not drenched by the downpours. Ah yes, Wimbledon much be approaching! In news more interesting to you, Blind Trust has rolled out onto the runway. We’re waiting for the go ahead from air…

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