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  • C.H.I.S chapter 3… and it’s also published!!

    C.H.I.S chapter 3… and it’s also published!!

    Hey there! It’s been a warm week here in Wales which is very nice for my bones and vitamin D levels. Ferb has been sunbathing himself between cooling off in the shade and having a dip in his paddling pool to ease his hot paws. Although currently, the local police are not my favourite people […]


    Hi Guys, Yep… you heard me… HAYEFIELD MANOR is OUT NOW! Check out my blog to find out a bit more about the book and the characters. I hope you enjoy the first two chapters pasted below and… even better… you’ll go and see for yourself just why I love this book so much. Big Smiles, Jody!

  • Some Fun Things to Share

    Some Fun Things to Share

    Hi all, I have some fun things to share with you: 1 – Bedazzled Ink have been amazing enough to give The Empath away free on their Bedazzled Ink Peddler website with 25% off the rest of the series to get you excited for Full Circle… hurray. Please say a big thanks to them for […]

  • Inky Inspiration Special… With Julie Cohen!

    Julie Cohen grew up in Maine and studied English at Brown University and Cambridge University. Her award-winning novels have sold over a million copies worldwide, and she has twice been selected for the Richard and Judy Book Club in the UK. Her bestselling novel TOGETHER has been translated into eleven languages and optioned for television adaptation. Julie runs an oversubscribed literary consultancy which […]



    Friends, folks, and furry things, lend me your spectacles… Well, put them on, I don’t really need yours. I have my own. I’ve just had the nod from Ylva to tell me In Fashion will be available at Ellcon on Thursday (23rd) for you to get your advance copy! Hurray! So if you are at […]

  • On The Road!

    On The Road!

    Being an author is a dual experience sometimes. Most of the year, you lock yourself away with imaginary people and live in that created world. That’s the everyday side of it. But then, you have to change out of your PJs, travel to different places and be part of the excitement, sensory battering, rollercoaster that […]

  • BINGO!!!


    Hi all! Yes, it’s summer, yes it’s grab-a-book-and-lounge-by-the-pool time, yes… it is time for BOOK BINGO! Wonderful author, Jae, has come up with an amazing way to get you enjoying and perhaps winning FREE books. Yup, you heard me. So grab your dabber, dust off your bingo wings (even better if you already have a […]

  • To A T

    To A T

    Before we go into the blog, please watch the short video so you can understand, from me to you, what I’m up to.   Watched it? Great. Now you know where I’m coming from, I can chat to you about my adventure. In Fashion took a lot of research. It features a TV show called […]

  • A Bold Day Out

    A Bold Day Out

    Authors are recluses much of the time (or at least the majority of us) but there are occasions when we change out of our pyjamas and head to sun-filled places… i.e. Nottingham (yes, it really was sunny – who knew!) on glorious bank holiday weekends to hang out with the beautiful people (i.e. the Bold […]

  • Changing Images

    Changing Images

    Hey! I’m in the midst of writing at the moment on several different projects, editing, and racking up hospital miles but wanted to drop in and say hi. Whatever I’m writing, it teaches me something new and the experiences day to day seem to filter into the book. With Aeron’s series, I talk about captivity […]

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