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Black Ridge Falls

Calling all Aeron fans… I am busy editing Black Ridge Falls… and I hope to be able to give you more on the release but I’m told it should be out soon… So, I’d better got on with my edits… *rolls up sleeves* Please enjoy the video below which will tell you a little bit more and hear Aeron doing her thing!…

A Panel of Empaths

This weekend saw me join a heavy-hitting panel of authors on the Liz McMullen show to discuss empaths. It was a lot of fun, slightly terrifying and you can hear what my answers were and hear me talk about The Empath as well as these four other awesome ladies.

Liz McMullen – Author of If I Die Before I Wake

Lorraine Howell – Author of The Happy Lesbian Housewife

Linda K Silva – Author of The Echo Series

Yvonne Heidt – Author of Sisters of Spirits Trilogy

And me!

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