WINNER BEST THRILLER – Rainbow Awards 2017 – Hindsight

1) This is part of a series, and the best of the series thus far. The writing is exceptional, the dialog purposeful, restrained, important. The setting could have been more clarified, but the writing style keeps one reading until the setting is clear.
2) Interesting read. Great plot and characters. All were well written and developed in depth. Haven’t read the other books in this series but I will bed after reading this one. This one I couldn’t put down.

Rainbow Award 2017

LRR – Hindsight

Klaire keeps the development and reveal going while cleverly introducing new characters and seamlessly slotting them in as major players on the chessboard. Oh and you are going to love Aunt Bess.

The plot is both complex and simple. The overall story arc has a team of special ops forces and FBI investigator types chasing a ring of child slavers, but the sub plots and personal journeys are convoluted and delivered with incredible detail, making the whole become an exploration of the psychology of each major character. Phenomenal.

I literally couldn’t put it down and read half the night, only to cancel my morning and reach for it over coffee. Now I have to take a week off everything else and re-read the whole series to date because I am completely fascinated all over again. If you love fast paced action adventure, psychological thrillers, crime – any of the above, believe me, this series is pure heaven. It is already a classic mind-bending journey and I cannot wait for book 5, “Noble Heart”, to come and confound me all over again.

Velvet Lounger – LRR – Read the full review here!

Lesbian Reading Room – La Vie En Bleu

“La Vie en Bleu is an absolutely lovely read. It is well written, humorous and full of excellent human observation combined with an interesting version of the classic re-united lovers romance. It is very different from the Above and Beyond Series, but like all Ms Klaire’s work is extremely well done…

…Definitely a “highly recommended” for those who like a light-hearted romance, I look forward to more of the Romantic Ms Klaire.”

LLR – Read the full review here

Amazon Reviews!

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‘…this is more than a mystery, more than a love story.’

‘A compulsive read. The novel’s biggest strength is its fresh, engaging voice. Hat’s off for a brilliant debut novel and I look forward to the next one.’

‘The book is well written and the plot and flow are superb.’

‘I really loved this book!!! I can’t wait for the second one… when I began reading it, I couldn’t seem to let it go… so I slept at 3 that night… I read it in two “nights”, that is how good it is!
I really loved the characters, especially Aeron.’ 

‘Read the opening chapter and you will be hooked (as I was). A very satisfying ending that sets up the next book in the series. The Main Character, Aeron is a strong and sympathetic person I look forward to reading more off. I would say more about the plot but part of the fun for me were all the reveals.’