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WINNER BEST THRILLER – Rainbow Awards 2017 – Hindsight

1) This is part of a series, and the best of the series thus far. The writing is exceptional, the dialog purposeful, restrained, important. The setting could have been more clarified, but the writing style keeps one reading until the setting is clear. 2) Interesting read. Great plot and characters. All were well written and developed in depth. Haven’t read the…

Rainbow Award 2017 – Beached

A charming “Being There” but with lesbians. This story benefits from a good balance of dialog and narrative strength. Some great comedic timing and description of people. Rainbow Awards 2017

LRR – Hindsight

Klaire keeps the development and reveal going while cleverly introducing new characters and seamlessly slotting them in as major players on the chessboard. Oh and you are going to love Aunt Bess. The plot is both complex and simple. The overall story arc has a team of special ops forces and FBI investigator types chasing a ring of child slavers,…

LRR – Untrained Eye

“These are amazing characters and unusual plots. Jody Klaire manages to mix up a thriller crime drama with a psychic whodunit and an ever so slowly burning romance. It’s a wonderful action adventure story for girls. Add in humour, great dialogue, brilliant writing and these books are just a joy.” LLR – Read the full review here!

Lesbian Reading Room – La Vie En Bleu

“La Vie en Bleu is an absolutely lovely read. It is well written, humorous and full of excellent human observation combined with an interesting version of the classic re-united lovers romance. It is very different from the Above and Beyond Series, but like all Ms Klaire’s work is extremely well done… …Definitely a “highly recommended” for those who like a…

Tales of a Librarian

La Vie En Bleu ‘The supporting cast is stellar… I’d have kept reading for Rebecca alone.’ Tales of a Librarian.

Lesbian Reading Room

‘Great stories, well written, thoroughly enjoyable. Looking forward to number three.’ LRR (Double review of  The Empath and Blind Trust.)

Rainbow Awards 2015

‘I fell in love with her over the course of the novel, and when I finished, I wished I had my own Aeron.’ Rainbow Awards 2015 – Honourable mention.

Amazon Reviews!

[Reviews taken from] ‘…this is more than a mystery, more than a love story.’ ‘A compulsive read. The novel’s biggest strength is its fresh, engaging voice. Hat’s off for a brilliant debut novel and I look forward to the next one.’ ‘The book is well written and the plot and flow are superb.’ ‘I really loved this book!!! I can’t wait…